Educating 90,000 students through 85 schools across India, Podar Education Network has established itself as a leader in the Indian Education Sector. Established in 1927, Podar Education Network strives to create modern citizens who are ready to make global changes. The success of Podar is largely due to its trained, qualified and committed teaching team and the extensive use of technology in teaching.

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  • R. N. Podar School is one of the first schools to go in for online lessons.

    For lighter bags, R. N. Podar School is taking classrooms online with free apps and customised software. The school function on a 'flipped system', which encourages students to view pre-recorded lectures at home and come prepared for assignments in class the next day.

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  • Girls Welfare Committee at Podar International School

    The Girls Welfare Committee at all Podar International School across India is an advisory entity that maintains a healthy and secured environment for girls in the school by holding regular discussions about various issues they face.

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  • New Podar International Schools launching in 2016/2017 announced.


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