Cursive Handwriting - A Way to Boost Kid’s Writing and Reading Skills!

30 January 2023
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Developing attractive cursive handwriting is surely a skill that has great aesthetic value. But did you know that learning cursive writing in early years, can fine-tune your kid’s motor skills, and boost their critical reading, and writing skills? Well, the benefits of cursive writing have not been exploited to their full potential across schools in India. Because they surely are impactful!

In many classrooms across schools in India today, cursive handwriting practice has taken a backseat due to the dawn of the digital age, and keyboard proficiency. There are rather few introductory lessons on how to form letters in cursive writing. However, the numerous benefits of cursive writing have urged us to rethink our stance, and reemphasize this aesthetic, and a rather powerful form of writing. So let’s explore how cursive writing is important to be taught to kids in early childhood, and the many benefits it holds.

Why is it Important to Learn Cursive Handwriting in School?

In today’s digital world, very few people still write with pen and paper, let alone cursive handwriting. A lot of schools in India have matched their pace with the digital evolution, resulting in more keyboard usage, than a pen, and paper! However, research studies indicate that cursive handwriting is important to a child’s cognitive development, motor skills, and the brain’s sensorimotor region. Thus, making cursive handwriting, more than just an outmoded learning tool. So let’s explore the many benefits that cursive handwriting has to offer.

7 Benefits of Cursive Writing in Early Years

Here are just a few benefits of cursive writing in early years, that reaffirm its place in the modern world -

  • Improved neural connections -
    Cursive writing stimulates brain development in ways that typing cannot. It improves the dynamic interplay of the left and right cerebral hemispheres, builds neural pathways, and increases mental effectiveness. Thus, teaching cursive handwriting to kids in their early years is extremely beneficial for their brain development.

  • Boosts creativity -
    Research shows that cursive handwriting is an important tool for cognitive development as it activates both the hemispheres of a child’s brain. This promotes improved language learning, and memory functions, while also enhancing the ability to think creatively and innovatively.

  • Encourages better motor skills development –
    One of the most viral benefits of cursive writing is that it enables children to develop their fine motor skills. Cursive handwriting requires advanced hand movements that typing on a keyboard cannot fulfil. Besides that, students need to learn how much force to apply to the pen and paper, as well as learn the process of motor planning to form letters in constant motion from left to right.

  • Empowers children with learning disabilities -
    Children with learning disabilities like dyslexia, and others, find it difficult to write in print format as they perceive many letters as being similar. However, cursive handwriting letters look way different from print letters. They open up a world of possibilities for children with disabilities by making them feel empowered and making them feel more confident.

  • Encourages faster writing speed -
    What’s a better boon for kids, than good writing speed, to help them complete their exams within time? And cursive writing helps children to write faster than the regular style of print writing. Moreover, it has been observed that kids with faster writing speed, have a better attention span while writing.

  • Improves kid’s spelling and grammar -
    Since cursive handwriting engages the brain, and enables neural connections, it helps your child to slow down, and concentrate on what they are writing. Studies indicate that actively writing in cursive is an effective way to enable your child to develop strong spelling and grammar skills.

  • Enhances child’s intelligence –
    According to memory experts, cursive handwriting can enhance a kid’s intelligence. This is because cursive handwriting propels the brain to integrate different inputs such as tactile, and visual information simultaneously while using fine motor skills.

Harnessing the Importance of Cursive Handwriting - Podar Education Network

So are these 7 benefits enough to convey the importance of cursive handwriting? Well, if so, what are you waiting for? Encourage your child to learn, and write in cursive today!

At Podar Education Network today, we lay great emphasis on the integrated and holistic learning experience. We combine modern teaching practices, with evergreen learning methods to help create leaders of tomorrow, who are ready to take on the world with their creative abilities, intelligence, and critical thinking.

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