Here’s Why Most Parents Choose CBSE Board For Their Children

24 November 2021
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An evolved child-friendly syllabus and the availability of the best CBSE schools in the city are just some of the reasons why CBSE schools are the most preferred options. The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE is a streamlined method of instruction that does not vary much, and the medium of instruction remains the same throughout. This centralized structure controls quality and rigorous standards that are monitored by the government based on comprehensive research and amendments to help evolve with time. These are the reasons why you should consider a CBSE school for your child -

  1. Preparedness - CBSE schools in Pune or all around India follow the curriculum set by the board that also conducts the main competitive exams like JEE and NEET. If your child later decides to sit for these exams, having a CBSE board education is a great advantage as it prepares them for these exams. Through a comprehensive syllabus and streamlined mode of instruction, CBSE is a great board for students interested in STEM subjects. The best CBSE schools in Pune like Podar International School promote a perfect blend of learning which is fusing theoretical concepts with their application so students have a wider conceptual base.

  2. International Recognition - What is great about CBSE is that its centralized mode of instruction is accepted in quite a few international countries like UAE, Russia which helps in standardizing education at an international approach. When you send your child to the best CBSE school in Pune, you are ensuring that your child is adept enough to compete with their international counterparts.

  3. Student-Friendly - Unlike other boards, CBSE designs their curriculum to be at par with the student, educating them at a level that challenges them, not demotivates them. Their clear and student-friendly approach is clearly seen in their renowned NCERT textbooks where clear conceptual understanding is given for subjects like maths and physics which often intimidate students. Their clear method of instruction is especially important when it comes to social sciences as students can understand the complex nuances of social systems in easy-to-read language that doesn’t confuse them. The best CBSE schools in Pune help impart this curriculum using the best methods possible to inculcate a love for learning in students.

  4. Student Friendly Mode of Evaluation - CBSE schools in Pune help facilitate the already student-friendly mode of the evaluation set by CBSE. Instead of forcing students to mug up and recall every word, students are encouraged to understand key concepts in an application-based format. Instead of testing them on their power of recalling, CBSE tests them on their conceptual understanding which is why MCQs, option-based tests, and application-based questions are rampant in the question paper. Instead of testing the students to recall in the form of lengthy questions, CBSE prepares them to get to the solution or the correct answer in a time-sensitive environment using just their conceptual knowledge. This in turn really prepares them for competitive exams in the future!

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