Immunity Booster Tips Every Child Should Be Aware Of

11 July 2022
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The monsoon, although a respite after the grueling summers, brings with it a host of nasty infections and diseases. This is especially a nuisance as children of all ages go back to full-time schooling after 2 years, making instances of the common cold and flu more communicable and widespread. Post-Covid, one can never be too careful. Since COVID and the common cold have the same symptoms, it is better to be aware and protected than to be in harm’s way. Children usually play and exchange items in school without proper sanitization, so it is best to work internally and strengthen your child’s immunity rather than relying on external factors. The monsoon especially leads to health issues. So how do we ensure that kids stay safe and protected? From thorough hand washing to eating foods that help your immune system, here are our 5 easy immunity-boosting tips -

The best way to keep your child protected from the infections and diseases that are common in the monsoon is to make sure that their diet is rich in vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and immunity-boosting components.

  1. One of the best ways to keep your child safe and healthy is to add a ton of antioxidants to their diet. This can be in the form of carom seeds, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, and turmeric. One might think these ingredients are a little tricky when it comes to adding these foods to a child’s diet, but food can always be made interesting. Healthy cinnamon rolls, ginger garlic fried rice, and a warm and comforting cup of turmeric latte are all wonderful suggestions and ideas that are appealing to all ages!

  2. Ajwain and ginger are two of the most potent immunity-boosting ingredients. Although children of younger age groups may not like the ingredients in their pure form, these ingredients can be easily mixed with their favorites to make them kid-friendly. Incorporating ajwain in chutneys, adding ginger to their favorite fried rice, or having it with delicious honey and warm water are some of the ways these ingredients can be consumed.

  3. Vitamin C is a powerful ingredient that works excellently to help protect your child against diseases and the common cold. The good news is that vitamin C is abundant in most of our kids' favorite fruits and snacks. Orange juice, lemonade, plums, blueberries, and more are abundant in vitamin C. Adding more lemon to their daily food, a healthy glass of delicious blueberry smoothie in the morning, or a glass of orange juice with breakfast can strengthen your child’s immunity against nasty viral infections!

  4. Protein is the most vital nutrient that a body needs to repair and strengthen itself. For your body’s immunity to be empowered, the cells need to be strong and repaired, which is facilitated by protein and amino acids. The monsoon is the perfect time to increase your child’s protein intake in the form of dal, eggs, paneer, and other dairy and animal food products. If you follow a vegetarian diet, this is the best time to include dal, pulses, paneer, and dairy products into your child’s daily diet.

  5. Other than food and dietary instructions, your child should also follow certain lifestyle observations to help keep their immunity in check. good sleep habits, carrying sanitizer with them to school, making sure that they are wearing a mask in all crowded places, etc. This is also a good time to make sure that their vaccination records are all in place, or talk to your paediatrician about getting a potential flu shot beforehand.

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