Making Child Learning Easy - Effective Tips & Strategies for Parents

21 February 2023
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Children have an innate curiosity, that gets them to explore the world around them and soak up new information, and skills like wet sponges. However, as they grow up, somewhere along the way, their natural love of learning is often lost. Many children grow up to dislike studying and dread going to school. This is majorly because teachers and parents limit learning in the classroom. However, to enhance the learning ability of children it is important to extend education beyond the walls of the classroom.

Fortunately, it is never too late to guide your child. While they are still in their development phase, you can imply a few effective strategies to rekindle, and nurture their love for learning. And this article we have put together effective strategies for parents and tips to keep children engage in learning.

Best Tips to Keep Children Engage in Learning

Kids these days struggle with studying, and there are multiple factors that play a role in their depleting interests. So, the need of the hour is to take an approach towards studies that makes it more interesting, and engaging, thereby encouraging kids to become more productive. So let us explore some learning strategies -

  • Create an atmosphere of reading
    Reading now only helps children to develop rich vocabulary, but also helps the brain to learn how to process concepts and formal communication. The skills gained from reading extend dar beyond the performance in language subjects. So one of the best ways to encourage the love for learning in your child is to develop reading skills.
    Read to your child frequently, or have them read aloud. Even better, develop a family reading time, where everyone focuses on reading for 20 minutes a day.

  • Eliminate distractions
    One of the key factors that lead to the loss of love for learning among children is the number of distractions that surround them. After all, focus is the key to delivering remarkable results. And focus comes with the elimination of distractions. In today’s time, the biggest distraction for students is their mobile phones or other gadgets. So find a way to keep mobile phones away from kids during their study hours. One of the best tips to keep children engage in learning is to find a space for your kid which is peaceful and quiet.

  • Focus on the child’s interests
    When you focus on your child’s area and subjects of interest, learning becomes much more fun and engaging for them. So if you really want to help your child become a good learner, encourage them to explore topics and subjects that fascinate them.

  • Leverage new technology
    While the very technology (mobile phones, and other gadgets) that could become a hindrance in your child’s learning, if put to use in moderation and rightly can become an interesting way of learning.
    The emergence of new technologies in recent years has given rise to new ways of learning. So make use of these new-age learning platforms, by helping your child navigate educational apps, that can make learning easy, and interesting for them.

  • Help kids stay organized
    Disorganization among young school-age children is typical, but it can also lead to an overwhelming feeling. And overwhelmed children spend more of their time, and effort being frustrated, and worried than learning. So help your child organize their papers, books and assignments, and be consistent, and patient with them throughout the process.

  • Encourage kids to take short breaks
    One of the effective strategies for parents to encourage learning in kids is to make sure children take short breaks in between to refresh their minds. During the break time, encourage your child to take a walk, grab a snack, or work on a hobby.

  • Celebrate their achievements
    One of the effective learning strategies is to recognize and celebrate the achievements of children. This is especially important for elementary-age school children who require constant positive reinforcement to keep them motivated to learn, and do better.

  • Key Takeaways

    We hope this article has helped you narrow down strategies to engage your children in learning. Remember that every child is unique, and so is their learning style, and abilities. What tip may work wonderfully for one child, may not work for another. So it is important to try and test these child learning tips, and see which one works best for your child.

    While you do your bit at home, at Podar Education Network, we too create a holistic environment, and nurture the innate curiosity of a child, by incorporating fun, and engaging methods of teaching.

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