New Year Resolution: Achieving Health Goals for Your Kids

20 January 2023
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One of the most common and age-old complaints of parents worldwide is none other than - their kids not maintaining healthy habits. While some kids may follow their parents’ instructions and some may not, parents find their kids leading an unhealthy lifestyle due to a lack of set health goals. So this year, make a new year resolution of setting health goals for your kids to tread the path to a nourished future!

What is the importance of setting health goals for kids?

As kids grow older, it can get more and more difficult to manage their habits & behavior. They develop their unique personalities, distinct choices, and personal preferences. As essential as this development is, maintain good health and well-being can go down the drain as they start rejecting fruits & vegetables, stay up past their bed time or even disregard important habits! In such a case, inculcating health goals for your kids can be of great importance to improve their mental, physical and overall health!

Goal setting is another great perk of setting health goals for your kids as a New Year resolution! It not only teaches your kids the value of good health and well being but how integral setting goals and working consistently toward them is. As adults, we understand how essential maintain a good health and well being is, however, it carries very little value for growing munchkins who only seem to be discovering the world by the day.

While you may think it’s difficult to discuss health goals with your kids, making them an integral part of your decision-making process for their betterment can help them actually understand the value of a good health and even build a stronger bond with you! Paediatricians and child counsellors suggest that brainstorming along with your kids not only makes this entire process of setting health goals easier, but also enables your kids understand responsibility, take charge of their own life and initiate decision making for the future!

Nevertheless, as a parent, there are certain goals that you may have penned down or allotted in your mind for the year. However, for this year’s new year resolution, here are some essential health goals to achieve for your kids!

Health Goals For Kids In 2023

  1. Don’t cancel but limit junk food in their diet

    As kids develop their unique taste, junk food becomes particularly indulgent habit. Instead of completely cancelling it from their life and letting them feel deprived, limit the number of times they can indulge in junk food. Once or twice a month of junk food intake is considered good enough.
  2. An hour of active time is a must

    While it’s not very difficult to get kids to play as they are playful in nature, this modern digitalized age has compelled them to lead a sedentary lifestyle. Encourage your kids to engage in at least one hour of playtime, sports, exercising, or simply playing in the park to improve blood circulation, fitness levels and phsyical endurance!
  3. Water Jar Activity

    Children can also be forgetful as they often have so many tasks and activities to complete. Encourage simple water drinking habits by setting health goals like they need to complete an entire bottle of water within a set time. Draw pictures, stick labels, or even make color coded markings on the bottle to allow them to enjoy completing this water jar activity!
  4. Adhering bed time

    As adults, parents often stay up past their children’s bed time. This makes kids inquisitive, making them want to stay up past the bed time. However, 8 to 10 hours of sleep per night is essential for a child’s overall cognitive and physical development. Setting health goals like strictly adhering to bed time can maintain good health and well being for your kids healthy future!
  5. Anger Management

    Research finds that if kids aren’t taught how to manage their stress, express their anger in a healthy manner and allowed to communicate about what has upset them, they can develop anger issues in the future as adults. This can have a significant impact on their mental and physical well being. For a well-rounded good health and well being, you must communicate, and most important, demonstrate in your own behavior, how it is best to channel their anger. Teach your kids to communicate about what has upset them in a respectful manner and take some time away from the rest when they burst of anger. This not only maintain good mental health but also improved overall well being!

Now that you know all about the best health goals to improve your kids well being, make it your unfailing new year resolution to fulfil them all! At Podar Education Network, we not only value academic excellence but also instill good habits and behavior in our students to ensure that they can achieve more than set health goals with each following year! At Podar, you child is set to develop into their best version with holistic guidance at every step!

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