PODAR Curriculum Consultancy is a specially designed initiative by the Podar Group of schools that focuses on raising the quality of ICSE/CBSE schools across the Country.

With our vast experience in the field of education and especially in opening schools in both rural & urban cities of India, our highly experienced academic team has designed a tailor made curriculum for these specific markets. Emphasis is placed on learning through technology, English speaking and making the student an all round global citizen.

We are very aware of the fact that the only way the Schools will be successful in the long run is by delivering quality education. We make sure that this is done by providing detailed Lesson plans for each lesson that is taught in the school. These Lesson plans will be coupled with videos of how to teach that particular class and extensive training is given to the teachers by our academic experts. The Schools will also be assisted with period allocation and deciding the book lists to be prescribed.

PODAR Curriculum Consultancy is a revolutionary initiative with the potential of changing the shape of education in India.