Podar Education Network

Podar International School (ICSE)
Bengaluru (ICSE)

Principal's Message

The growth of a school over the years is a beacon to parents seeking admissions in good schools. Opinions can be fabricated, though to a great extent people go by others’ experience to follow suit. In fact that is the right way to judge quality.

There isn’t a school that can boast of perfection in any field. Whether a school has a system in place and whether the authorities are sincere in executing it is what matters. In this context parents come to Podar with a trust and the school has largely succeeded in keeping that trust. A school’s responsibilities don’t end by just passing the knowledge or preparing for the grind of rat race to professional colleges. As we see in the society, an unhealthy, dangerous trend is emerging where we see the youth indulging in anti social activities, brazenly breaking rules and so on. So the onus of inculcating values, social skills, etc. falls all the more on schools and we take pride in owning this responsibility. To produce good human beings is our aim such that students from Podar stand out. A lot of extracurricular activities and themes designed exclusively for this purpose are in vogue and students enjoy learning them. Thus we have made school going a joy for the children and we are aware that learning happens once the children are happy to be in school. Once a Podarite is always a Podarite.

The school is emerging as a leading Council affiliated school because of the good results produced at ICSE level. These results have been achieved in spite of taking admissions without screening the students for academic brilliance and that is our strength. The hard working teachers do their best to bring everyone to the main stream and perform at the desired level.

The popularity of Podar group of institutions is growing in Karnataka. There are 12 Podar Schools in Karnataka and at least two more are coming up in the next one year’s time. We are proud to be in a chain of elite schools as a part of Podar Education network. Parents’ faith and trust is what helps us to grow at this pace. We dedicate ourselves to the cause of creating smart citizens.


Mr. Narayana Joisa
Principal, Podar International School, ICSE - Bengaluru