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Principal's Message

Being a part of an elite group, is always a matter of pride. About 110 schools and more than a lac students in the organization spread across the country speak volumes about the quality of education being served and the people managing it. I have been with this organization for nearly 8 years now and feel proud.

We are one of the very few schools which admit students without screening and with transparency in admission process. In spite of that we have produced enviable results in board exams, particularly the ICSE in the first three years and are confident of keeping the bench mark set, intact. Teachers with strong academic background and experience in the system form the leadership team of the school, guiding others and new joiners in particular. Every new joiner is groomed with assistance from a buddy teacher until they rise to the Podar culture and standards.

For us, safety of children in school is paramount. CC cameras help the leadership team to keep an eye on different parts of school. Safety standards are also followed in school buses which have cc cameras, GPS system and two lady attendants to take care of the students. A well trained nurse manages a three bedded infirmary. She is supported by a well qualified, experienced student counselor who gives emotional first-aid to students of all age.

An exhaustive curriculum as per standards of CISCE New Delhi is in place to keep the standard of students at par with the best in the industry. The teaching staff is not only well qualified but also technically sound to teach using the latest technology. Many among them go for examiner ship of board papers and so are well aware of the new trends in the system to prepare children.Making the children prepared for life is our main aim; they should remember PODAR as an institution that shaped their life to be good human beings and great professionals. Various programs under extra-curricular activities, like hobby classes imparting abstract and practical life skills ensure that our objectives are met with.

Come to Podar to give your child the new way to learn, not the way we all learnt when we were in school.

Mr. Narayana Joisa
Principal, Podar International School, ICSE - Bengaluru