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International Yoga Day - 2018

The International Yoga day celebrations at Podar International commenced with the chanting of shlokas celebrating the importance of consonance between the mind and body. Yoga is a discipline that leads to the communion of mind and body,imparting physical flexibility and mental tenacity. Sports Captain Rashmi briefed the audience about the declaration of International Yoga Day by the UN and the significance of the date coinciding with the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. This was followed by the display of various yoga asanas by the students, under the guidance of the physical instructors.

The Principal, in his address to the students, spoke about the role of yoga in providing us with health in later life.Yoga which is practised on a daily basis, lends flexibility and agility to the body, tenacity and equanimity to the mind. A daily practitioner of yoga is ensured of a healthy life, which renders them stronger than others who may succumb to symptoms of stress and be affected by ailments induced by a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. The principal was delighted to see a great number of young practitioners of yoga perform seemingly difficult asanas with gracious ease and appreciated the training being imparted to these children at a very young age. In addition to that,it was mentioned that such training makes them healthy citizens of the future, and thus, reiterates the fact that yoga should not merely be relegated to a date but should have a greater role in our life and must be a part of our daily routine.

Parent Orientation 2018-2019

Annual Day Celebration (Secondary School) – Kalanjali 2017

The theme for the Annual Day for the Secondary Section was ‘Udaan’. This was a story of Kyra, a young girl who aspired to be a rockstar and play the guitar and enthrall the world with her music. But her dreams were met with opposition by her father, Mr.Shastri, who wanted his daughter to excel in academics and who thought that such dreams and desires were nothing more than a distraction for students. Kyra, who performs at the school Annual Day programme, is sighted by Mr Vinay Nilkanth, an ace musician in search of new musical talent. Vinay wants Kyra to join his music school and undertakes the impossible by trying to convince Kyra’s father who refuses him outright. However, Kyra’s sympathetic mother, who found a cohort in Kyra’s Principal, arranges to have her enrolled at the school. The entire performance comprised Kyra’s struggle for acceptance both in the music school and in her father’s heart and how her dedicated mentor, Vinay, paves the way for her resounding success as a musician, accepted by both, society and her father. The theme of Udaan, the flight towards one’s dreams was woven with performances by various classes and songs, keeping in mind Kyra’s dreams and her stint at the music school, thus encouraging every child to undertake the ‘Udaan’ towards achievement and success.

Annual Day Celebration (Primary) - Kalanjali 2017

The Theme for the Annual day for the Primary Section was ‘Folklores around the world’. The story was about Manzandaba from a Zulu village, who was accused by her childrenof, the crime that most parents are guilty of- repeating stories!! Determined to appease her children, she sets off on a journey to find new, untold stories. Her pursuit leads her to the Sea-Turtle, who in turn, takes her to the underwater world. Upon understanding her predicament, the King gifts herhis ‘Uncle Shell’ who carries within his heart, many untold stories. She returns to the village with Uncle Shell in tow, and the joy of having acquiesced to her children’s request. Every evening the children would gather and Uncle Shell would regale them with his stories.These stories were unravelled and explored through each of the class performances. The performances breathed life into the stories while also gifting fresh new stories not just to Manzandaba’s children, but to all children across the world !!!

Kreeda Utsav 'Annual Sports Meet' - 2017

The Annual Sports Meet - Kreeda Utsav was conducted on 4th November 2017. Mr. E.A.S.Prasanna, Former Cricketer - Team India , graced the occasion with his presence. The key message that he imparted to the students and parents was that being a sportsman doesn't come easy and requires a lot of hard work and perseverance. He was indeed impressed with the way the students performed at the various events. A colourful display of drills, yoga, karate, aerobics and acrobatics were the highlight of the sports meet. The well coordinated march past lead by the school leaders to the tunes of the school band was much appreciated.

Money Mela - 2017

The school-wide theme- 'Money in Focus' culminated with the Money Mela which was conducted on the 28th October 2017. Mr. P.G.R Sindhia inaugurated the Money Mela with the cutting of the ribbon. It was a fun fair which aimed at providing opportunities for students to showcase their learning and experiences through the theme 'Money in Focus'. The main aim of this event was to entertain everybody while providing the students with an opportunity to use their financial skills. The students in turn were able to reinforce their understanding on the basic principles of making money choices and being responsible, at the stalls organised in the school.

Joy of Giving 'Celebrating Grandparents' - 2017

The students of Podar International School (CISCE), Bengaluru celbrated the joy of giving with their grandparents. The aim of the special feature – ‘The Joy of Giving’ was to draw attention to the relationship between the elderly or grandparents and the grandchild. The students relate to the gestures of love and affection that their elderly grandparents show in their own ways.

Teachers Day Celebration - 2017

As always,Teacher's day celebration at Podar International school were held with much verve and aplomb a students came up with endearing renditions of songs, performed to foot tapping numbers made evocative speeches, conducted a quiz, enacted a skit all for their teachers.All the teachers were felicitated and they received tokens of appreciation from the students and the management and curtains were drawn on the DAY with a high tea.

Fire Drill - 2017

A mock fire drill was conducted within the premises to test the level of preparedness for such an eventuality. The fire-drill also enabled to familiarize the staff and students with the protocol to be followed during a fire, and also helped us to assess the response time, which is very crucial for reducing the number of casualties during fire or other calamities.

Independence Day and Investiture Ceremony - 2017

Students and staff of Podar International School (ICSE), Bangalore celebrated Independence Day and Investiture ceremony on 15th August 2017. Children took part with great enthusiasm and in large numbers despite the unprecedented rains. Lt. Col. Prasanna ( Retd.) graced the occasion with his presence. The flag hoisting was followed by the laying down of office and oath taking by the new student council. This was then followed by a cultural extravaganza by the students of grades I - X.