Every living child has the inborn right to the psychological and intellectual personal growth which is needed for a life of health and human dignity. Today there is urgent need for positive social change and we need to create a better world. Scientific and technological knowledge and skills are crucial for most of our actions and decisions Education molds young minds into future competitive citizen and it is not possible to have a truly meaningful education without the scientific recognition of the intrinsic nature and value of what it is to be human. Liberal mind ,rational and analytical thoughts is fundamental for growth as it helps the children for their personal growth.

In PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BHAVNAGAR ,the education condenses the world into instructional package…. Which is supportive of the individual’s needs which is conducive to their development into mature individuals with self discipline ,self-confidence and self-responsibility, here education is geared to child’s psychic needs and capacities .Holistic development is emphasized as a whole in terms of the interconnectedness of body, mind and moral consciousness that foster the growth and integrity of children .

We as team believe …….
Education is not a learning of facts, but training of mind to think… By Albert Einstein.

Bindu E.S.
Principal, Podar International School - Bhavnagar