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Literature Circle 'Day 1 and 2' - 2019

PIS, Hassan conducted Literature Circle on 3rd and 4th September, 2019.The activity guided the students to deeper understanding what they read, through structured discussion and extended written and creative responses.

Hindi Diwas Celebration - 2019

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on 14th september2019 at Podar International School, Hassan. On this occasion special assembly was conducted. The students of both primary and secondary classes presented the assembly. The entire assembly was conducted in Hindi by the students. Introduction and importance of Hindi Diwas was highlighted.

Teachers' Day celebration - 2019

Teachers’ Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm at PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Hassan. The students of grade VII and VIII put up a spectacular show to honor all the teachers who have been instrumental in shaping their lives. Students expressed their gratitude in various ways like presenting a cultural program and preparing meaning full gift indicating teachers are caring, loving and guiding source in their life and always help them to fly high and reach their goal.

Ganesha Chaturthi Celebration - 2019

The pious festival “Ganesh Chaturthi” was celebrated with great zeal on 31st August,2019 at Podar International School, Hassan. The celebration began with Ganesh Vandana followed by the pooja which was attended by the students ,teaching and non teaching staff .

Krishna Janamasthami Celebration - 2019

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great fervor at P.I.S, Hassan on 26th of August. The students of grade 1 came dressed as little Krishna and Radha on that day.

Express Yourself Activity 'Space Troopers' - 2019

SPACE TROOPERS-A Hitchhike through the Mysterious Universe
Grade 1 & 2-‘Step Up and Dance to Space Tunes’

Grade 3 & 4- Class Discussion
‘Will Space Travel become a Reality for us?’ What does the Future of Space exploration Look Like?

Grade 5 & 6- Story Writing
“I woke up one day with no Gravity on Earth

Grade 7 & 8- Creative Expression
‘Advertisements for a Celestial Body’

Jumpstart Activity 'Space Troopers' - 2019

SPACE TROOPERS - A Hitchhike through the Mysterious Universe
The theme –‘SPACE TROOPERS-A Hitchhike through the Mysterious Universe’ has been designed for the students to know about the space mysteries and explore our universe. Through the jumpstart activity the theme was started without telling the students what it is all about.

Primary Grades
Activity 1: Word Wall
This activity was conducted for grade 1 & 2 students. The students were asked to pick the words and place them under the same alphabets to create a word wall for the word ‘SPACE’.
Activity 2: If I Went to the Moon…
The students of grade 3 & 4 were involved in this activity. The children were asked to write what would they do if they went to the moon.

Activity 3: ‘If I went to Space, I would bring…’
This activity was carried for grade 5 & 6 children. The students were asked to write in brief what would they bring from space.

Activity 4: Brainstorm Activity
This activity was conducted for grade 7 students. The students were asked to write that one thing that they think when they read the word ‘Space’.

Activity 5: If I were an Astronaut…
The students of grade 8 were included in this activity. The students were asked to write in brief what activities they would like to don as an astronaut.

73rd Independence Day Celebration - 2019

The 73rd Independence Day celebration was held with great patriotic fervor at Podar International School, Hassan. The National Flag, and the pride of our nation was hoisted by the Principal Mr. Joshua Prem Swaroop.. The Principal inspired the students to nurture in them the spirit of unity and integrity. The students of grade 5 presented a skit “Patriotism” and the students of grade 4 & 8 performed colorful dances.

Special Assembly 'Neil Armstrong Birthday Celebration' - 2019

The students of Ignis House presented a special assembly on “NEIL ARMSTRONG’S BIRTHDAY”. They presented a meaningful skit which helped the students to know about NEIL ARMSTRONG’S achievements.

House Competition 'The Rainforest Walk - Exploring the Layers, Flora & Fauna in Rainforest' - 2019

Under the theme “MYSTICAL RAINFORESTS” - Exploring Life Under Nature’s Green Umbrella! And as a part of House Competition the students of secondary grades created the models of the most famous rainforests of the world. The competition gave an opportunity to the students to know about the different rainforests around the world and its location.