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School Events

Krishna Janamasthami Celebration - 2018

Krishna Janmashtami was celebrated with great fervor at P.I.S, Hassan on 3rd of September. The students of grade 1 came dressed as little Krishna and Radha on that day.

Special Assembly 'World Water Week' - 2018

The students of grade 8 presented a special assembly on “WORLD WATER WEEK”. They presented a meaningful skit on the importance of World WATER WEEK. The main purpose of this assembly was to create awareness about the water crisis and about different organizations that work towards the common worldwide cause.

Inter House Quiz Competition - 2018

MARINE MARVELS - Discover the Treasures beneath the surface of our Oceans.

Under the theme of ‘MARINE MARVELS-Discover the Treasures beneath the surface of our Ocean’, and as a part of ‘House Competition’, the students of the secondary grades participated in a quiz competition. The purpose of this quiz contest was to test the participants beyond academics.

Field Trip 'A Visit to Aquarium and Dam' - 2018

MARINE MARVELS - Discover the Treasures beneath the surface of our Oceans

Field trips are important in learning .It is a social experience that provides the opportunity for students to explore novel things in an authentic settings. Every exposure and interaction is an opportunity to learn. Realizing this P.I.S, Hassan organized field trip to an aquarium on 21st of August and on 28th of August the students visited a dam constructed across the river Hemavathi in Gorur .The students of grade 1 were taken to the aquarium and grade 7 & 8 were taken to Gorur for outdoor learning based on the theme ‘MARINE MARVELS’.

Express Yourself 'Marine Drive' - 2018

MARINE MARVELS-Discover the Treasures beneath the surface of our Oceans
Grade 1 & 2—‘My Own Little Aquarium’

The Express Yourself activity gave an opportunity for the students to learn about ocean life through an art activity where they made their own little aquarium.

Grade 3 & 4—Play Dough Activity-‘My Sea Pal’
The students of grade 3 & 4 participated in this activity. The students watched a video about sea creatures and created a clay model of their sea pal.

Grade 5 & 6—Creative Writing-‘I Survived a Shipwreck’
The students of grade 5 & 6 participated in creative writing activity as a part of their ‘Express Yourself’ session.

Grade 7 & 8 –‘Think Pair & Share’-‘Why do our Oceans need help?’
As a part of the ‘Express Yourself’ activity, the students of grade 7 & 8 participated in a think pair and share activity.

Independence Day Celebration - 2018

The 72nd Independence Day celebration was held with great patriotic fervor at Podar International School, Hassan. The National Flag, and the pride of our nation was hoisted by the Principal Mr. Joshua Prem Swaroop.. The Principal inspired the students to nurture in them the spirit of unity and integrity. The students of grade 7 presented a skit “A Tribute to an Indian Soldier” and students of grade 5 & 8 performed a colorful dance for a song “Hindustan mere Jaan”.

Inter House Music and Dance Fest 'Grade 6 to 8' - 2018

Inter House Music and Dance Fest - 2018

July 18th was an exciting day for the senior students to showcase their proficiency in performing arts. This program unveiled the hidden talent of our students.

Talent Show - 2018

Talent Show was organized at P.I.S, Hassan on 14th of July for our tiny tots. The main purpose of this show was to nurture the intrinsic qualities of students.

First Hand Learning - 2018

P.I.S, Hassan organized an educational field trip to a blood bank to get the first hand information about blood groups, blood transfer , compatibility and the significance of blood donation for the students of grade 8 on 11th of July. The students were able to understand the procedure adopted in the blood bank to collect and store blood.