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Teachnique is the arm of the Podar Innovation Centre that speacialises in providing Academic and Non Academic Services to schools, within the Podar Education Network.
The Teachnique Team provides Training Solutions and Review Systems to the Podar schools.

Teachnique -Teachnique Training Solutions

The learner today is very different from what he was ever before and his needs are changing rapidly. We recognize that with the growing needs of the learner, it is important for the teachers to keep abreast with most innovative teaching strategies and techniques.
Podar Education Network firmly believes in continuous professional development of all its employees be it the leaders of its various schools spread across the geography of India or staff - teaching or non-teaching, within these schools. Teachnique, the training wing of the Podar Innovation Centre proves to be the one-stop solution for all training needs of the network.
Teachnique provides training solutions in the form of Classroom Programs, Coaching Programs, Project Based Training, Video Modules and Online Content for Training Delivery within schools. Broadly, the spectrum of Teachnique training programs is as follows:

Teachnique School Review System

As the Podar Group of Schools grew, designing the curriculum alone was not sufficient to ensure quality education in all the schools. This need gave birth to the Podar Review System in the year 2015 with the mission to reach the pinnacle of academic success through quality assurance. This system is based on continuous strategic improvement, trust and respect, evaluation and innovation, professional competence with commitment to excellence, thus laying a platform for our students to become successful global citizens.

The review team ensures that all the Podar International Schools provide high quality education, leading to high standards and the best outcomes in a safe environment for all our students.

The Review team engages the whole school in the development of their School Self Evaluation by defining their strengths and weaknesses. This is followed by the creation and formulation of a carefully thought-out School Development Plan. This plan details the improvements the school needs to make in six areas – namely Student Outcome, Student Behavior and Personal Development, Welfare, Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment, Leadership and Management, and Zero Tolerance to Corporal Punishment. Each of these areas are clearly defined in the Review Handbook that acts as the guiding document for all schools in the network.

The School Development Plan outlines the goals and actions ensures that each school across the Podar Education Network reaches its potential and crosses the benchmark of being outstanding.

Podar Innovation Center – Teachnique