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Cross Country Race - 2019

“Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it…” With these inspiring thoughts in mind, Podar International School, Kalkere organized a ‘Cross Country Race’ on 12 Jan. 2019. It was conducted to promote healthy lifestyle, physical fitness and create awareness regarding the importance of sports in our young and old generation. The participants started the race from the school, covered a distance of 4.5 km and reached back to school. The event received a very positive and warm response. It was overwhelming to see the participants of different category and age group, putting their mind and spirit into winning the race.

Annual Sports Day Celebration 2018-2019

Podar International School, Kalkere celebrated its 2 nd Annual Day ‘ Kalakshitij 2018’ on 8th December, 2018 with extraordinary passion, devotion and exhilaration. Dr. N. Ramesh, Dean – Training, Placement and Planning, of Reva University was the Chief Guest on this occasion.

The event unfolded with the head boy of school extending a warm welcome.

The chief guest of the event, Dr. N.Ramesh shared his valuable experiences and thoughts with the audience.

Thereafter the Principal, Mrs. Jayalakshmi read out the annual report of the school highlighting the achievements of the academic year 2018-19. It was a moment of pride when the students were awarded prizes for their achievements and the best house winner was declared, amid thunderous applause from the audience. Then the show moved on to the outstanding feature of the event, ‘Folklore around the World’ play, with an energetic welcome dance.

The play took everyone on a walk down the memory lane by reviving the art of storytelling, which sadly is lost now. It also emphasized the importance of sharing stories and being helpful to others. The students created a world of imagination, fantasy and dreams. The show concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by the head girl and grand finale where the whole school danced together to celebrate the moment. The event left an enchanting and unforgettable memories in everyone’s mind.

Children's Day Celebration - 2018

There was an atmosphere of excitement and cheer in Podar International School with colours and love flowing from every corner to celebrate children’s day on 14th November, 2018. This day is celebrated to honor the memories of our first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru and his deep affection for children.

Every student arrived at school, dressed in colourful clothes and were excited during the special school assembly conducted by teachers for them. This included thoughts, new word for the day, quiz, a song and finally teachers shaked their legs for a dance number and children thoroughly enjoyed it. There was a mood of elation among the young learners when they received greeting cards from their teachers as a token of love.

The eventful day ended with students watching age appropriate movies and munching on the delicious treats arranged by school.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations - 2018

Karnataka Rajyotsava was celebrated with great zeal and excitement in Podar International School on 5th November 2018 to mark the bringing together of all the kannada language-speaking regions to form the state of Karnataka. The celebration began with a prayer to Goddess Bhuvaneshwari, followed by a traditional dance. A fancy dress show on historical figures of Karnataka by students made everyone sit up and think about the contribution and achievements of the people from the state. Students also enthralled the audience by dancing to the tunes of popular kannada songs. The programme concluded with the rendition of the State Anthem. The event generated a sense of pride in the minds of the audience for being a part of a culture that is so rich and vibrant.

Dandiya Utsav - 2018

There was an atmosphere of excitement and merriment when ‘Dandiya Utsav’ was celebrated at Podar International School on 6 th October 2018 to mark the festival of Navratri. The whole school was glowing with bright lights and parents and children clad in elegant and colourful dresses. Even the children took part in this celebration with great enthusiasm. It turned out to be a glorious night, showcasing the Indian spirit of togetherness and respect for each other’s cultural diversity.

Blood Donation Camp - 2018

Values cannot be taught, they have to be lived. Children learn the importance of being helpful to others better when they see us in action showing consideration for each other. So, as an act of being responsible and considerate, a blood donation camp was organised at Podar International School, Kalkere on 2 October 2018 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in association with Bangalore Blood Bank, Malleshwaram. The camp focused on one of the main principle of Gandhiji, i.e., to give back to our society in every little way possible. Many parents, teaching and non-teaching staffs of the school donated their blood. Parents appreciated the initiative taken by school.

Art of parenting - 2018

Being a parent is a task by itself. The challenges it poses and the joy it brings in can only be lived through. Each day is a new day and each day brings in a new challenge. At the same time some new learnings makes it an enjoyable act and some guidance from experts in the field makes it handier. One such session on Art of Parenting was conducted at Podar International School on 29 September 2018. The session conducted by Ms. Ketaki Natekar, the Hub Counselor and Mr. Anil Raj, the Hub Manager was very interactive and most parents actively participated in various activities and discussions.

Joy of Giving - 2018

As a part of Joy of Giving, on 29 September 2018 an exhibition was held at Podar International School to nurture and make young growing minds understand the value of compassion and generosity. The exhibition sold myriad works of art like dream catchers, handmade jewellery, popsicle posters and many more created by students from Grade 1 to 6 to raise funds for charity work. It is one of the initiatives taken upon by Podar School to inculcate the sense of empathy among upcoming young breed of citizens, to make them conscious about the society and impact of their small gestures on it.

Teacher's Day Celebration - 2018

Teachers’ Day is celebrated every year on the 5th of September to honor the teachers and celebrate their contribution towards education, society and equip the nation with rational thinkers. It was celebrated with great fervor and enthusiasm at Podar International School, Kalkere. The day was full of emotions and heart-touching moments as the students came together, under the guidance of Principal, to surprise their teachers with a colourful show and events which included dance, song, skit, magic show which were all full of entertainment. Teachers enjoyed the fun filled games organised for them by children and were presented a gift and handmade cards by children.

Splash - Marine Marvel - 2018

Podar International School, Kalkere went into a festive mood to conclude the school wide theme ‘Marine Marvels’ with a grand culminating event ‘Splash’. Its objective was to give an opportunity to the students to showcase their experiences and learning. The event revolved around marine life-its mysteries, treasure and grandeur. The whole event was conducted and presented by the students, with teachers playing the role of facilitators. It was an attempt to reach out to the parents and involve them in what students are learningevery day at Podar. Through this event the parents got to participate in fun ocean-themed activities and were exposed to variety of information about the water world. In its true essence ‘SPLASH’ succeed in creating a splash in the minds of young learners and left everyone involved, whether as organizers or participants, with mesmerizing, enchanting and lasting memories.