School Events

Group Photo 2017-18

Get Lit Festival - 2018

The school-wide theme ‘Word Weavers’culminated with an event- the ‘Get Lit Festival’ on 24 Feb. 2014.

This festival aimed at providing opportunities for the students to showcase their learning and the experiences they just had in the module.

This literary festival served as an ideal opportunity to learn more and expose the students to the world of books and reading. It also reinforced the students’appreciation of short stories and literary works of different authors as it helped in promoting literature and freedom of expression. It also enhanced diverse thinking among students and helped them hone their creative spirit and imagination.

This festival aimed at entertaining everybody while giving a platform to the students to share their gained knowledge. The visitors were exposed to various activities viz., fashion show (famous characters), storytelling, puppet show, authors coming alive, human library tickle your brain corner with games like cross words, solve the puzzle, make words, find the names of the books etc., that engaged them in exchange of ideas, creativity and thoughts.

Parents, grandparents, siblings, relatives and friends participated and experienced this unique event with great admiration.

Republic Day Celebration - 2018

PIS, Bengaluru 3 celebrated 69th Republic Day with great enthusiasm. The Principal hoisted the flag. Children from grade I-V presented variety of programmes which ranged from song to skit. The skit was based on fundamental rights and equality. The event ended with a dance performance from grade 1 which roused patriotism which clearly told to love their nation unconditionally. Many parents participated in the celebration and appreciated the good work put forth by students and teachers.

Annual Day Celebration 'Kalakshitij' 2017-18

Podar International School-Kalkere, Bengaluru along with PJK conducted our first annual day KALAKSHITIJ on the 23rdof Demeber 2017.The theme for this year’s annual event was ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’. It was an evening filled with colourful dance performances depicting the importance of Jawans and Kisans in our life.The skit was based on the story of family visiting country side and then army camp to learn about them during their vacation.

Col. C.N. Suresh, a veteran graced the event with their presence.The key message that Col. C.N. Suresh imparted to our students and gathering was to respect the two backbones of our nation, the Jawans and Kisans.He also shared his experiences as an army personnel.He appreciated the good show presented by all children and staff.

The event was well attended and all who witnessed it were enthralled by the captivating performances of the children.

Field Trip to A Nursery - 2017

As a part of Thematic Learning “Fun with Plants and Animals” students of Grade I were taken on a field trip to ‘Sri Narasimha Swamy Nursery’ at Rampura on 27 Nov, 2017. Children were excited to see varieties of plants. Children were seen eagerly discussing about the plants they saw and trying to know many more things about them from their teachers and friends.

Annual Sports Meet 'Kreeda Utsav' - 2017-18

There was festivity in the air as PIS, Kalkere celebrated its 1st Annual Sports Meet – Kreeda Utsav on 18 Nov. 2017.

The chief guest for the day was Mr. K Surendranath, GM- Karnataka Region.

Children exhibited their talent in yoga, aerobics, lezims and dumbbells and also enthusiastically participated in various races which included frog race, obstacle race, collecting dumbbells etc.

Aqua house proudly held high the champions trophy as they emerged winning house for the year.

Parents exhibited high energy level as they participated in the events organized for them and appreciated the efforts of staff and children.

Overall, it was a joyful day filled with energy.

Children's Day Celebration - 2017

PIS, Kalkere celebrated Chidren’s Day with great zeal. A variety of programme including dance, song and skit were presented by teachers. Children enjoyed all these and also played some fun games. They enjoyed their snacks watching a movie during the course of the day. All children felt special to receive a personalized card made by their teachers.

Kannada Rajyotsava - 2017

Kannada Rajyotsava - a day to celebrate the formation of Karnataka was celebrated at PIS-Bengaluru 3 with great enthusiasm and respect. Children came dressed up as famous personalities of the land and introduced them to the audience. There were songs and dance depicting the culture of the land. Children enjoyed the celebration with some native deserts served to them by teachers. They also understood the need to celebrate the same and respect the diversity in languages that our country enjoys.

Workshop for Parents 'Building Healthy Relationship' - 2017

A workshop on Building Healthy Relationship was conducted on 28 October 2017 for all parents by the school wellness teacher/special educator Ms. Mamatha. It was a very healthy discussion session where all the related aspects right from building trust to values to make it a healthy relationship was discussed. Parents participated with great enthusiasm and gave their valuable inputs that would help teachers in building healthy relationship in school as well. Parents requested for many such events to be conducted regularly in coming days.

Dandiya Utsav - 2017

‘DANDIYA UTSAV’ on the occasion of Navrathri was organised at PIS Bengaluru-3 on 26th September 2017 for parents and students. Parents and children happily participated in Dandiya- a dance form usually performed by both men and women during the occasion. The event was very colourful and all participants enjoyed it. Many games were conducted for parents and children. Prizes were given away for the winners.

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