Podar Innovation Center - Academic Solutions

Meeta has challenges with writing. She uses a text-to-speech software that enables her to write with almost 98% accuracy.

Nishad finds it difficult to visualise what a heart looks like. His teacher prints a heart on a 3D printer and now Nishad learns not only how it looks but also how it works!

There are innumerable examples to show how technology has helped us learn things that were difficult or not as effective using any other means. Keeping this thought in mind, the EduTech arm of the PIC ensures integration of technology into education, in a responsible way, so that it facilitates student learning rather than hamper it.

Innovation Labs

Our Innovation Lab for primary and middle school is a 360 degree solution for imparting some of the important skills of the 21st century. It includes designing, problem solving, creativity and collaboration.

Through 3D printing, we encourage students to use their knowledge and zeal to solve problems through designing. Robotics and drones help them to learn programming, automation and coding.
Virtual reality helps them explore the extreme environment and faraway places.

Cyber Safety and Digital Citizenship

Technology can be a boon or bane – depends on how you use it.
We strongly believe that controlling is not the solution but educating is.
Thus, instead of just adding filters and firewalls, we also conduct cyber safety workshops for students of Std V to X and ensure that they become good Netizens.

Podar Innovation Centre – EduTech