Jumbo Kids Events

Portfolio 'Parent Teachers Meet' - 2019

Field Trip - 2019

A exposure to learn about the theme of month

Good touch Bad touch session - 2019

At Podar Jumbo Kids we teach children about Good touch and bad touch through power point presentation.

Play date with parents - 2019

Visit of Dentist - 2019

Dentist informed Kids about how to brush and take care of teeth.

International Yoga Day - 2019

At Podar Jumbo Kids, healthy body and healthy mind of our children is of utmost importance. Yoga is a wonderful form of physical education to keep our children healthy with a host of other benefits.

First day of school 2019-2020

Parent Induction Program 2019-2020

Theme - Building my child's future with Podar Jumbo Kids

Children learning Numbers through number magic program - 2019

Kartavya 'Be safe, stay safe' - 2019

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