School Events at Navsari

Educational Field Trip to Science City - 2020

Podar International School #Navsari held an Educational field trip to Science City Surat. Students from 6 to 9 had a fun filled day @ 3D show on universe, museum and ancient art gallery. Students enjoyed Idli Chutney, Pullav, Pav-bhaji and Wadapav as a snack. They had Fun-filled day with great learning experience.

Field Trip to Imagica - 2020

Podar International School #Navsari in association with “Smart Tours and Travels” held a tour to Lonavala - Imagica. Students from Grade 6th to 9th departed on 5th February 2020. They enjoyed rides at “Imagica” and visited “Wax Museum”. Students dipped in the swimming pool including visit to Mapro Factory. They had a blast with D.J. night and many memories to restore. It was a thrilling experience.

Field Trip to Banana Factory - 2020

Under the Volunteer Program Students of Grade 5th, 6th and 7th from Podar International School, #Navsari visited Banana Factory at Agriculture University. Students understood usage of banana fiber to make clothes, papers and cardboard. Students took some waste material and the employees showed what all products can be made by waste material and fiber including banana chocolate. It was a great learning experience.

Christmas Celebration - 2019

Podar International School, #Navsari celebrated Christmas on 23rd December 2019. Students from grade 6th to 8th presented the skit based on birth of Jesus Christ. Students celebrated having Santa Claus around them and singing Christmas carols. Students thanked management for letting them have some yummy pastry as a part of celebration. Jingle bell tunes echoed all throughout the celebrations. A true Christmas spirit and joy was visible in the students.

3D Printing Competition 2019-2020

Podar International School, #Navsari participated in Prototyping the Future: 3D showcase competition held at Podar International School- Vadodara.


In this competition, Students from Grade 5th to 8th were participated and prepared 3D projects.
1. Grade 5th prepared Animal park - “Footprints of Fauna”.
2. Grade 6th prepared Historical Fort- “Diu Fort”.
3. Grade 7th prepared Illuminated Botanical Garden- “De Flora Lumina”.
4. Grade 8th prepared Robotic Arm- “Wreckers World”.

Podar International School, Navsari secured the First Position for the project prepared by Grade 5th and 6th.

Event Docket - 2019

Podar International School, #Navsari organized Event: “Design Boot Camp”- Exploring Process of Making and Unmaking. Grade 1st to 8th participated in the Boot camp. Students come up with many small innovations at various levels. Students highlighted the making of each project. A great display of creativity and enthusiasm was visible

Diwali Celebration - 2019

Students from Podar International School, #Navsari celebrate Diwali Festival. Diwali is a festival of lights and it is celebrated with Joy and Happiness. Students from Grade 1st to 4th decorated Diyas, Grade 5th to 9th had Thali decoration and Rangoli competition in their classrooms. Students brought home made sweets and other food stuffs. They shared food and sweets among themselves. They enjoyed dancing with teachers. Students learnt to be cooperative, helpful and enjoy togetherness by sharing joys feelings with each others.

Navratri Celebration - 2019

Navrati is a festival that spans nine nights. Podar International School, #Navsari celebrated Navratri by lighting of the lamps followed by Aarti song. Students from grade 1st to 9th participated in Garba Dance. Students enjoyed different Garba steps in traditional colourful dresses. It is the time of religious reflection and fasting. It was great Joyce & happy moment.

The Solar Ambassador program - 2019

Global Student Solar Ambassadors Workshop was organized globally on 2nd October, 2019 to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. 50 students took part from Podar International School, #Navsari in this event including teachers. Students through the workshop learnt how to make use of solar energy and making of solar lamp. Proud feelings as students are holding certificates from IIT Bombay.

Space Troopers Event 'Stardust' - 2019

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