• Cambridge International is the world`s largest provider of international qualifications for 14-19 year olds. Cambridge International is part of the University of Cambridge and a not – for- profit organization.
  • Cambridge International has worked in partnership with ministries of education, qualifications authorities and examination and assessment boards around the world for over 150 years.
  • Cambridge International was formally established in 1998 to provide high-quality, leading –edge qualifications that meet the ongoing demands of employers and educators across the world.
  • Cambridge International offers a broad range of internationally recognized qualifications, both academic and vocational, which is designed to develop successful students worldwide.
  • These include general qualifications including Cambridge IGCSE,Cambridge International A Level, Cambridge O Level and Cambridge Pre- U, a new post -16 qualification, plus a range of vocational Cambridge International Diplomas.
  • Teachers who are well supported are able to offer the best education possible and develop successful students.
  • Cambridge International offers teachers an extensive programme of training events and services, providing professional development and support including online training, face-to face training, e-learning and training via video conferencing.


Boards Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) Cambridge Advanced Level ,
Advanced Subsidiary Level (A/AS Levels)
Website www.cambridgeinternational.org/
Name of the Authority Cambridge International which is part of Cambridge Assessment Group.
Head Office CAMBRIDGE University of Cambridge International Examinations, 1, Hills Road, Cambridge, Cb1 2EU, United Kingdom.
Year of Establishment 1998 - Cambridge International
1209 - University of Cambridge
Jurisdiction Cambridge International qualifications are offered in 160 countries by over 10000 Schools.
History of the Examination Boards
  • Cambridge International is a leading provider of international qualifications for 14 to 19 year olds.
  • It offers a broad range of both academic and vocational qualifications which are internationally recognized.
  • Cambridge International was formally established to provide high quality, leading edge qualifications that meet the ongoing demands of employers and educators across the world.
Cambridge International Mission Cambridge International is committed to its mission of extending access to the benefits of high – quality education around the globe. Our Curricular and qualifications are designed to support high – quality educational performance, developing successful students and supporting the economic performance of countries where Cambridge International works at national level.
Medium of Instruction English, French, Spanish.
Curriculum Details for Std. I – V The Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP),typically for 5-11 years old, gives schools a curriculum framework to develop Mathematics, English and Science skills and knowledge in young children. Cambridge Primary provides guidance for curriculum development and classroom teaching and learning. It enables teachers to assess children`s learning as they progress with two optional assessments:
Cambridge Primary progression tests and Cambridge Primary Achievement Tests.
Number of schools affiliated as on 31.03.2018 10000 schools in 160 countries.
Curriculum Details for Standards VI to X
  • Checkpoint :
    Cambridge Checkpoint tests are available in English, Mathematics and Science. The tests cover all major areas of learning required in the first years of an international secondary education. It is these topics /skills and sub-topics/skills that provide the framework for feedback on each learner. They are marked by Cambridge International and provide schools with an external international benchmark for student performance.
    IGCSE :
    Schools can offer any combination of subjects. Each subject is certificated separately. Over 70 subjects are available, including more than 30 language courses, offering a variety of routes for learners of different abilities. Cambridge IGCSE develops learner knowledge, understanding and skills in:
  • Subject Content
  • Applying Knowledge and understanding to familiar and new situations
  • Intellectual inquiry
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to change
  • Working and communicating in English
  • Influencing outcomes
  • Cultural awereness
Curriculum Details for Standards XI to XII
  • Schools and learners find Cambridge International A Level and AS Level for Grade 11 -12 very flexible. Schools can offer almost any combination of the wide choice of subjects available. Students have the freedom to select the subjects that are right for them - either follow a broad course of study or specialize in a particular area.
  • Learners can choose from a range of assessment options:
    • Take all papers of the Cambridge International A Level course in the same examination session, usually at the end of second year of study.
    • Take a ‘staged’ assessment route - take the Cambridge International AS Level in one examination session and complete the final Cambridge International A Level at a subsequent session
    • Take the Cambridge International AS Level only, either at the end of one-year or two-year course. The Cambridge International AS level syllabus content is half an Cambridge International A Level programme.
Curriculum Development
  • Cambridge IGCSE encourages learner –centred and inquiry –bases approaches to learning. It develops learners skills in creative thinking, inquiry and problem solving, giving learners excellent preparation for the next stage in their education. Schools can builds a core curriculum, extend it to suit their learners and introduce cross – curricular perspectives. Clearly defined learning outcomes and content ,means Cambridge IGCSE is compatible with other curricula and is internationally relevant and sensitive to different needs and cultures
  • Cambridge International AS levels have half the content of the corresponding Cambridge International A level and may be completed in one year. Schools can offer Cambridge International AS Level as a qualification in its own right or as a stage on the way to Cambridge International A Level.
  • Learners can study Cambridge International AS Level alongside other subjects to increase breadth in the curriculum and build further knowledge and understanding to other subjects they are studying at Cambridge International A Level.
Life Skills & Value Education
  • Critical and creative thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Research skills
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Value- Integrity ,Respect ,Compassion