Podar Education Network

Podar - ORT International School


What is Podar Education Network?

Podar Education Network will be managing and operating Podar-ORT International School. Podar Education Network has been in the field of education since 1927. It manages 85 schools across India and educates over 90,000 students every year.

What are the school timings?

Grade Timings Days
Playgroup 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM Monday - Friday
Nursery – Jr.Kg
8:00 AM – 12: 00 NOON
8:00 AM – 2: 30 PM
Monday - Friday
Grades 1 Onwards 8:00 AM – 2:40 PM Monday - Friday
Additional Sports & Activities
(Applicable only from Grade 1 onwards)
For 1 hr. after regular school timings. Once a Week

What is the admission age criteria?

In order to eligible for admission for the 2019-20 Academic Session, students must refer to the following table:

Grade Minimum Age as on 1st August 2019
Playgroup 2 years
Nursery 3 years
Junior KG 4 years
Senior KG 5 years
Grade 1 6 years
Grade 2 7 years
Grade 3 8 years
Grade 4 9 years
Grade 5 10 years
Grade 6 11 years
Grade 7 12 years
Grade 8 13 years
Grade 9 14 years
Grade 10 15 years

Where is the school located?

Podar Jumbo Kids (Pre-Primary):
Ground Floor,
Hingorani Building (near Sunville Banquets),
Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli, Mumbai 400018.

Podar - ORT International School (Grade 1 onwards):
Podar - ORT School Building,
68, Worli Hill Estate,
Worli, Mumbai 400018

What grades will commence from the academic session 2019-2020?

Podar Jumbo Kids (Pre-Primary) will be taking admission from Playgroup to Senior Kg.

Podar-ORT International School, Worli will be taking admission from Grade 1 to Grade 10. The school will increase one grade every year as per natural progression.

What board does the school follow?

Podar – ORT International School is IB PYP authorised, a candidate school for MYP and DP and hence proposes to be an IB continuum school alongside Cambridge IGCSE and AS/A levels.

Is the school managed by Podar?

The school is a wholly Podar managed and operated school. It is not a Franchisee.

Why is it called Podar-ORT international School? What role does ORT have in the management of the school?

  • The school will be completely managed and operated by Podar. This is not a partnership school and/or Joint Venture.
  • ORT is the world's largest Jewish education and vocational training non-governmental organisation. ORT has provided the school building that is being used by the school for Std 1 onwards.
  • ORT will not be involved in any administration / operations of the school.

What is the admission process?

At Podar ORT International school, it is our endeavour to make learning fun filled, active and enjoyable, based on the solid foundation of values. We aspire to nurture the innate potential of our students and mould them into passionate, committed, competent, sensitive, value-based individuals with leadership qualities. We subscribe to experiential and holistic learning for each student as an individual.

  • Podar ORT International School welcomes all students from families who align with the vision, mission and philosophy of the school.
  • To enable our school team to invite you for a meeting, we request parents to share details via email at admissions.worli@podar.org
  • Our admissions team will schedule your appointment for the meeting and share the same via email / telephonically.
  • Post the meeting, with a member/s of our school team, parents will be given a tour of the school building and the school brochure inclusive of all important information documents and the admission form.
  • As advised, parents will submit a complete ‘Application for Admission’ form along with the required documents to the Admissions Office.
  • Thereafter, the Admission committee will invite parents & the child to the Admissions Office for a casual interaction.
  • Post interaction, you will be notified via a telephone call or email regarding the status of your child’s admission.
  • Once your child has been granted admission, you will be required to confirm the seat by paying the applicable fees as advised by the Admissions Office within a period of 15 working days.
  • On payment of the fees, you will be given a receipt which will confirm your child’s admission to the school.

Note: Submission of the ‘Application for Admission’ form does not guarantee admission.

For admission enquiries, please contact:

Grades 1-9:
Podar ORT International School,
PODAR-ORT School Building,
68, Worli Hill Estate,
Worli - 400018, Mumbai.

Ground Floor,
Hingorani House (Near Sunville Banquets),
Dr. Annie Besant Road,
Worli - 400018, Mumbai.

Email Address : admissions.worli@podar.org / info@podarworli.org
Contact Number : 7506112200
Admin Officer : Ms Amantha D’cruz
Email Address : amantha.worli@podar.org
Admin Officer Mobile No : 7045363352

Contact Numbers:
Pre Primary : Landline 022 -24933514
Podar ORT : Landline 022 - 24933517 /19 / 23


What are the documents required at the time of admission?

For Pre-Primary: Only a Xerox copy of the child’s birth certificate and 3 passport size photos are required.

For Grade 1 onwards:

  • Xerox copy of birth certificate
  • Original school leaving certificate (this can be submitted when received by student)
  • Original last Report Card
  • 3 passport size photos.

What kind of entrance test will be taken at the time of admission?

No written test is conducted at Podar School. We are an inclusive school and a meeting with the school committee will be arranged for all prospective parents.

Will there be an increase in fees next year?

Every year there may be a normal increase in the fees depending on inflation & only after PTA discussion.

In what name should the fee payments be made?

Grade Name on Cheque
Playgroup to Senior Kg Podar Jumbo Kids
Grade 1 onwards Podar International School

How many students will be there per division?

Grade Number of students (approx)
Playgroup – Nursery – JKG – SKG 18
Grade 1 onwards 18 - 24

What will be the student - teacher ratio?

There will be two teachers per division.

Hence, the ratio of students: teachers will be 12 : 1

How many divisions per grade?

There will only be 2 divisions per grade.

Where will the teachers be from?

We ensure that the teachers we recruit are of the highest standards – not only nationally but on a global level. Therefore, at Podar – ORT International School, we will have a mix of experienced Indian as well as International teachers who will be teaching the students.

Please describe the school infrastructure?


  • Classrooms will have latest technology such as interactive boards, visualizers, projectors, etc.
  • An independent sensory room.
  • Students will be given Ipads for certain lessons.
  • Child-friendly computers will be available
  • Indoor play area
  • Canteen service.
  • All the classrooms will be air-conditioned and have CCTV cameras installed in them.

Grade 1 onwards:

  • Classrooms will have latest technology such as interactive boards, visualizers, tablets, projectors, etc.
  • State of the art computer lab
  • Well stocked library
  • 3 Science Labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)
  • Multi-purpose activity rooms
  • Indoor Hall.
  • Canteen service
  • Entire building will be air-conditioned and have CCTV cameras installed in them.

What will the sports facilities be?

The school will have provisions for indoor activities inside the school campus. Activities such as table tennis, karate, chess, yoga, dance, music, drama will be held within the school campus.

For outdoor sports, the school will tie up with an external ground where students can play a variety of outdoor sports. Outdoor activities such as football, cricket, basketball are all planned.

Will there be Podar buses in Worli?

Yes, there will be school bus service operating on extensive routes provided by the school. Safety is the primary concern of the school when students our travelling in the school bus and each Podar bus will have a trained driver, conductor and a female bus marshal. Speed governors and CCTV cameras will also be fitted in the Podar School Buses. The school buses will be air-conditioned as well.

School bus service is recommended but optional.

Will CCTV cameras be there in the school?

Yes, CCTV cameras will be installed in all classrooms and public corridors.

If I get transferred, is it possible to transfer from one Podar International School to another Podar International School location?

Yes. This is possible. Existing Podar students are given first preference with regards to admissions.

Why study in an IB PYP school?

The IB philosophy is to develop well-rounded global citizens who are well prepared for future study and work. The programme is gentle at PYP level, encouraging key values in the students and fostering a spirit of inquiry.

Isn’t IB PYP just about fun?

Children learn best when they are happy and not stressed, but fun is not the main thing about the IB curriculum. IB is about promoting life-long learning, appreciating the local culture and understanding the global world we are all a part of.

How is PYP learning different?

It takes a trans-disciplinary approach which means that all subjects are connected to key central themes. This enables the child to better understand the world of which he is a part, and to make connections between ideas and subject areas.

What about the local culture?

We firmly believe that every child should be aware of the local culture. In order to do this, we observe Indian festivals, learn Indian and western music, and teach Hindi and Marathi as well as English and French. Out of respect for local culture, all food served at the school is strictly vegetarian and prepared especially for us on the advice of a nutritionist.