4 Ways Podar International School In Ahmedabad Is The Best For Your Child

21 January 2022
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Podar International Schools are consistently ranked among the best CBSE schools in India. The great thing about Podar International Schools is that they prepare their students effectively for the world of the future. Through focusing on experiential learning, digitization, a global approach to teaching, and an interactive classroom, students are better prepared to become citizens of the future. Podar International School seamlessly blends the revered teachings of our rich and dense culture with the modern technology of today making this school the preferred choice for the modern Indian. With Podar International School opening up in Ahmedabad, it is surely going to become a household name and quickly rise up the ranks to become one of the best schools in Ahmedabad. With an affinity to instill students with a globalized view of the world, Podar International exposes your child to world-class education and prepares students for an international approach to learning should they be interested in pursuing higher education abroad. Podar International School has truly made a name for itself Great teacher-student interaction, friendly environment, the cordial connection between management and parents are some reasons why you should choose PIS Ahmedabad.

  • What makes PIS Ahmedabad stand out and among the best CBSE schools in Ahmedabad is that teachers and students have a cordial and interactive relationship. At PIS, there is the paramount focus given on the learning style of each student so that each student can optimize their knowledge at their own pace. Teachers and students connect in a more open manner where students feel comfortable to put forward their doubts and apprehensions to let their teacher effectively guide them with their coursework. Through dedicated one-on-one times, the teacher thoroughly gets to understand the student and effectively identify their strength and weak points, and helps optimize their knowledge by focusing on individual student learning styles.

  • Our school creates en environment that is extremely student-friendly. Through the presence of ample infrastructure for extra-curricular activities, science and arts clubs, PIS Ahmedabad aims to foster a spirit of excellence in varying fields when it comes to its students. They help nudge their students to cultivate hobbies besides their curriculum to develop a more meaningful and enriching character in their students.

  • We focus on a globalized approach to teaching. This is evident through their digital learning resources and tech-based learning methods for students. In a heavily screen-dependent future, students should be comfortable operating with computers more than ever. PIS Ahmedabad is pioneering the modern method of classroom teaching by using gamification, graphics, and experiential learning to help students get a stronger grasp of their fundamentals. This attention to detail and future-oriented thinking is what makes PIS one of the best schools in Ahmedabad.

  • PIS Ahmedabad stands out due to its dedicated efforts at keeping cordial relationships between parents and the staff. At PIS Ahmedabad, we believe that both teachers and parents have equal contributions to the child’s overall growth and development. Through frequent conferences and increased interactions between teachers and parents, there is an open dialogue between the two parties that can best decide the ideal way forward for the child. The management makes it a point to make the parents abreast with their child’s progress, identify the strengths and weaknesses, and work together to find the best way forward. For students in their last year of schooling, choosing higher education paths may be difficult and confusing, the teachers, counselors, and parents can work together to help guide the student and understand their aptitude and interests more clearly.

If you’re in Ahmedabad and wish to get your child enrolled into our school, be rest assured the process to do so is least bit cumbersome. Click here for more details!

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