5 Benefits of Online Classes We Are Grateful For

17 November 2021
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Ideal for introverted kids, lesser distractions, paced learning, and more, online classes do have a positive impact that does go unacknowledged. Online education became rapidly mainstream as a reaction to a global pandemic, but the Indian audience was already slowly warming up to the idea of online learning due to the presence of several ed-tech players. Online classes also revealed a world of benefits that were not being realized in the normal classroom situation, revealing the different vulnerabilities of the typical mode of learning. Let’s analyze the benefits of online learning and see if our learnings can be applied once schools start opening up again!

  • Paced Learning - This is an important takeaway from online education is that students could pace themselves when it came to their syllabus. What usually happens in a typical classroom type of learning is that as soon as a chapter is taught, children are almost immediately tested through a variety of measures, not giving time to the students to seep in the concepts. Due to the fact that high levels of testing were not possible during online classes, students were finally given opportunities to clearly understand what they were learning instead of learning only to perform on a test leading to a weak conceptual base.

  • Improved Quality of Resources - Online learning forced schools to adopt a tech-friendly approach when it came to teaching, facilitating students to get more friendly with technology like never before. Online learning became more fun by using engaging graphics and videos that cut down the drudgery of textbook learning and made boring topics appealing to students. Secondly, since online classes were being recorded, students could refer back if they had any difficulty while doing self-study.

  • Comfort - Every child has a different appetite for social learning, and they might not be at their best in a classroom, with people all around. Online learning became a refuge for such students, especially those who are introverts as they go to learn without being intimidated by social presence. Children should get every opportunity to learn at their best, and online learning did cut the one size fits all norm of classroom training.

  • Mental Health - We can attribute online classes to starting conversations around mental health as students were confined in their homes for one and a half years. Online education became a proponent of echoing the importance of mental health in education which saw many schools adopt breathing techniques and anti-anxiety practices before the commencement of classes. Normalizing the conversation around mental health is an important outcome of online classes as this bears a great impact as we return to classroom methods of learning.

  • Lesser Distractions - Let’s face it - our children do a lot more than just learning at schools, they meet their friends, indulge in child-like mischief and much more, and while no one can ever demean the childlike innocence of school life, this article would be remiss if it didn’t acknowledge that when the child is doing online classes at home, they are only focused on learning more than anything else. In a school environment, they would have their friends egging them on, but in an online mode, there was nothing in between the students except their laptops with the module.

We’ve always believed in keeping up with the times and while online classes became a norm due to the pandemic, at Podar International School, we always have had a tech-first approach. With advanced technology at the disposal of our teachers and students, we hope to create an environment that helps our young minds thrive.

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