5 Concentration Activities To Improve Your Kids Focus Level

18 January 2023
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One of the most common complains that teachers, counsellors, and child psychologists receive from parents is about poor concentration levels of their kids. Discovering the uniqueness of the world at a rapid rate, kids today not only tend to be far more distracted but also seem to carry a load of responsibilities incorporating academics, sports, extra curriculars and so much more into their daily routine! In such a case, concentration activities for kids is essential to boost their focus levels at this very tender age.

Before we look at some concentration activities for students, lets understand why it is important to improve concentration levels of kids.

Why are concentration activities important for kids?

Think of concentration activities like exercising to build muscle. It is not a lack of muscle that you are compensating for with exercise, rather it is the effort to build it. Same goes for concentration for students. Every child has a varying focus range based on their genetic makeup, coherent nature, and other factors. While they start learning core concepts at a young age, retention of these learnings is better with an enhanced concentration. Simple yet effective kids concentration activities can exponentially improve focus levels for students to excel not only in their academics but also lead a more organized and efficient lifestyle into the future!

Best 5 Concentration Activities For Kids

While many parents think concentration activities have to be extensive games or rule-based activities, they are rather simple games that will captivate your kids interest. Here are the best 5 recommended concentration activities for kids:-

Solve Puzzles

Puzzle games are proven to be the most effective concentration activities to assist kids in their initial development of the cognition. Solving word puzzles, numerical puzzles or even solving the Rubiks Cube or Snake Cube are great examples of puzzle-based concentration activities for students. It improves their subject correlation & sequential thinking. Labyrinth games where kids control the movement of a tiny marble over difficult obstacles inside a transparent box is also a simple and effective activity.

Story Based Quiz

Leaning on the imaginative side, story-based games require a good children’s story book, descriptive storytelling, and your child’s interest. After allowing your kid to delve into the fascinating tale before bed, develop a pop quiz to play with them the next day. Another great option is to read your child only a part or two of a story and ask them to create their own ending to it. This not only boosts their attention to detail but also sparks their imagination! An improved memory, sense of humor, and creativity just count as a massive cherry on top!

Memory Games

From toddlers to adults, games like ‘Finding Waldo’ or ‘Spotting the difference’ or memory-based games that involves remembering phrases or number sequences, are not only beneficial to improve the brain function but are also incredibly fun! Your kids can enjoy these memory and concentration activities with a group of friends or even with family, which through consistent playing strengthens brain connections and improves function.

Timed Games

Another key learning for kids is effective time management. Practicing time-based concentration activities like guessing the word within 60 seconds, or Pictionary where kids draw and explain an object’s description within 60 seconds, can not only be very appealing to kids but also allow them to block time limits for activities. This time management is sure to reflect in their academics as well as daily chores!

Sequencing Activities

There is a proven correlation between the ability to sequence effectively and enhanced focus levels. It’s no wonder that games like Sudoku are great for building concentration for students! With several sequencing activities available, allow your kids to figure the sequences themselves to not only boost their concentration levels but also confidence!

At Podar Education Network, we believe that academic excellence & overall development of kids is directly related to their concentration levels. Refined focus can have a huge impact on their everyday larning process, retention levels and overall performance in the long run! To ensure that the concentration levels of students at Podar not only improves but also remains intact with age, we inculcate several concentration and memory- based activities in our curriculum that make schooling fun, conducive & holistic at every level!

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