5 Quick Tips On Getting Your Introverted Child To Open Up

09 March 2021
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Raising an introverted child in an extroverted world can be a task. And it’s not just a tad difficult for parents, but also rather tough on the child. From acceptance of their personality to embracing their strengths and getting them to make friends, here are some easy parenting tips to get your introverted child to open up.

PS: choosing a school that doesn't pressurise the child is one of the essential steps!

Accept, Accept, Accept

First and foremost, understand that introverts are born that way. You as a person may be supremely extroverted and all out there, but that needn’t be the case with your child. While your parenting will definitely help shape the temperament of your child, basically, studies suggest that introverts and extroverts use two different sides of their brain. So if you think your child will suddenly “get over it”, think again. The first step towards making your introverted child feel there’s nothing usual about them is acceptance. And there after, embracing their personality. This doesn’t mean they won’t form actual relationships like others; they will just take a little longer than extroverts do. And that’s absolutely alright. Encourage them to take things at their own pace and let them know that you’re with them, by their side all along.

Work On Their Strengths

Some of the best studies suggest, and this can easily be one of the best parenting tips for you- work on your child’s strengths. Why? Because this will make them feel accepted and not different. Introverts feel left out because they find it hard to fit themselves in a social set-up easily. Hence, if you encourage them to do something they’re naturally inclined towards, they will excel at it. For example, if your child is a reader, encourage them to join groups that will help them meet like minded kids. Similarly, a child who’s good at sports must be pushed to participate in more activities. This will help your child’s overall growth and development and give them a chance to form friendships with people who share similar interests.

Take It Slow & Easy

Like we said earlier, you can’t expect your child’s personality to change overnight, but you can play an important role in moulding it. If you think you can push your kid to do things better, take it slow and easy. For example, introduce your kid to new social situations one at a time. Don’t take your introverted kid to a party of 100 and expect them to mingle easily. Start with small group hangouts and let them get comfortable with their surroundings. This will make it easier for them. Similarly, don’t force them to become friends with other kids immediately. Let them find their own path, or even if you’re helping them, start with identifying kids who share similar interests. In schools such as Podar International School, teachers help students along the way making this much easier on them.

Do Not Nag

Don’t be a parent who’s constantly poking and prodding their child. This won’t help either of you. And don’t be the kind who puts a label on your kid. Constantly blaming them for being quiet, not socialising, calling them “shy”, etc., will do more damage than you can imagine. The best parenting tip anyone can give you is let your child be. Be a friend to them and they will open up. The more you nag, the less likely is your child to confide in you.

Choose The Right School

For a growing child, their surrounding matters. And when it comes to children with introverted personalities, it matters even more. Choose a school that embraces your child’s personality. You want your child to look forward to spending 6-7 hours of their day here. At some of the best schools in India, the teachers and staff take active interest in understanding their students. They spend time with the children and the parents to understand how best they can help. Teachers at schools such as Podar will always go the extra mile for their students.
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Praise Them

Every child loves to be told what they did right. And if your kid is the introverted kind, a little praise can go a long way. If your kid did something awesome, something new or pushed themselves to try something different, let them know you’re proud of them. This will encourage them to do better and boost their confidence.

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