5 Reasons Why Podar Is One Of Best CBSE Schools In Powai

19 January 2023
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With a legacy of top quality schooling for students across India for decades now, Podar Education Network is a pioneer in the Indian educational sector. Offering Podar International Schools (PIS) in various locations across India, the Podar name is a prestigious name amongst the best schools in Mumbai! If you’re specifically looking for the best CBSE schools in the posh, rapidly developing & advanced area of Powai, Podar International School is the answer!

Here are the top 5 reasons why Podar International school is one of the best CBSE schools in not only Powai, but in the entirety of India!

Complete & Holistic Journey

For your child’s holistic journey from start to end, we at Podar have established a seamless path from preschool to higher education! Podar International School offers a full-circle schooling experience that advances through your child's significant development stages over the years until they are ready to take on the world. Starting with Podar Jumbo Kids and continuing through grade 12, Podar International is one of the most promising CBSE schools in Powai as it offers a well-rounded curriculum & overall skill development for your child to receive world class education!

Globalized Education

As one of the leading International schools in India, Podar stands as one of the few CBSE board schools in Powai that takes a global approach to education. We ensure to keep our students abreast of the most recent trends and advancements using digital learning tools and tech-based learning techniques so they may become well-informed, elite citizens capable of combating any worldly challenge. Our classroom instruction at PIS Powai goes above and beyond by incorporating gamification, graphics, and practical learning in the daily learning process to enable students to comprehend core concepts efficiently. For our meticulous globalized curriculum & foresight, PIS stands as one of the top international CBSE schools in Powai!

Comfortable & Motivating Environment

At Podar, we believe that a welcoming atmosphere and a comfortable school setting promote the best learning for children. With an expansive infrastructure designed maintaining ergonomic principles in mind, students feel at utmost comfort in the school premises. They can participate in clubs for science, the arts, and extracurricular activities during their time in school, ultimately encouraging a spirit of excellence across a variety of fields. This establishes how children's holistic development extends beyond the conventional chalk-and-board teaching method at one of the best CBSE schools in Powai!

Sports & Extracurricular-Centric

While academics are a central focus at best Podar International Schools in Mumbai, India, extracurricular activities are an equal priority. At our CBSE & International schools in Powai, we encourage each student to follow their passions and hone their unique skill set! They are encouraged at every step to pursue their talents and interests. With a great Sports Lab available at all best Podar CBSE schools in Powai, Mumbai, students can discover their sports spirit while engaging in a variety of sports, from skating and archery to basketball, hockey, cricket, and football. For their overall skill development, they can also decide to create a variety of interests, like acting, dancing, music, debate, and more.

Interactive Teacher-Student Relationship

Every student's personal learning process is considered a top priority at all Podar International schools in Mumbai. To ensure each student at Podar can learn and apply what they have learned, our trained faculty & teachers regularly engage with their students to understand their progress and problem areas in core concepts. They also utilize structured modules and guides to better their concepts besides their regular coursework. At our CBSE schools in Powai, every teacher strives to understand the student and identify their strengths and weaknesses through dedicated one-on-one sessions, helping them optimize their knowledge by focusing on individual student learning styles.

Besides these top 5 reasons why Podar International schools are not only one the best CBSE schools in Powai, Mumbai, but all of India, our goal to provide world-class education to every student is what makes us a preferred school. We even ensure to keep parents up-to-date on all of their child’s individual progress report & challenges to allow parents to play an integral part in their child’s schooling. With a glorious reputation of shaping every student into tomorrow’s world leaders, choose our CBSE schools in Powai for the best education for your child!

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