5 Things to Keep in Mind for the First Day of School at CBSE Schools

09 June 2023
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The first day of school is an exciting and nerve-wracking experience for students, especially at CBSE schools. Whether starting a new academic year or joining a new school, feeling a mix of emotions is normal. To help make your first day a success, we've compiled a list of five essential things to keep in mind. Let's dive in!

Get a Good Night's Sleep
The first day of school can be overwhelming, and a good night's sleep is crucial to tackling it head-on. Establish a bedtime routine a few days before the big day to ensure they are well-rested. Adequate sleep helps sharpen your focus, boosts memory, and improves your overall mood. So, turn off those electronic devices, stay in bed, and allow them the rest they need. When they wake up refreshed and energised, they'll be ready to take on anything the day throws at them!

Plan and Be Organized
Being organised can save you from unnecessary stress on your first day. Collaborate with your child, and prepare the backpack the night before, ensuring they have all the necessary stationery, books, and materials. Ensure they look at their timetable and are familiarised with the subjects and classrooms they’ll attend. Please arrange the school uniform, shoes, and any other required items in advance to avoid last-minute panics. You'll feel confident and ready to tackle the day ahead by having everything in order.

Embrace Your Nerves and Be Open to New Experiences
Remind your child that feeling nervous on the first day of school is completely normal. Remember, everyone else is probably feeling the same way. Embrace your nerves and view them as excitement for new opportunities. Be open to making new friends, trying different activities, and exploring your interests. Remember that the first day is just the beginning a journey filled with possibilities. Approach it with a positive mindset, and you'll be amazed at the incredible experiences that await you!

Be Friendly and Approachable
A smile can go a long way on the first day of school. Teach your child to be more socially adaptable as you enter your new classroom; try to be friendly and approachable. Introduce yourself to your classmates and strike up conversations. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, and making connections early can help ease any anxieties. Openness and kindness create a welcoming atmosphere and pave the way for meaningful friendships.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Moment
While the first day of school may come with its fair share of nerves, remind your child to have fun and enjoy the moment. It's the start of a new chapter in your academic journey and should be celebrated. Engage in activities, participate in class discussions, and embrace the opportunities to learn and grow. Remember that education is not just about textbooks and exams; it's also about discovering your passions and building lasting memories. So, soak in the excitement, laugh with your peers, and make the most of this special day.

The first day of school at a CBSE school is a memorable milestone in every student's life. By following these five tips - getting enough sleep, planning, embracing nerves, being friendly, and having fun –, they'll be well on their way to a successful and enjoyable start to the academic year. Good luck and make the most of this incredible adventure!

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