5 Things Top Schools In India Have In Common

21 October 2021
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We all want to provide a stellar education for our children and with rising competition and demand, the right schooling can help children get an edge. Not only is a wholesome education a stepping stone towards your child’s ambitions, but also a way to build their personalities and identities. Top schools in India promote well-rounded learning for your child, focusing on value systems, knowledge, and experiential learning. Schools in India, whether they are adhering to the national or international boards, are rapidly changing their curriculum to fit into the modern, digital-heavy infrastructure of the world. From inculcating the right habits and values to having the perfect infrastructure and more, here's what the top schools in India have in common.

A Modern Learning Curriculum - The pandemic and the ongoing digital boom has led to the revolutionizing of learning structures. Textbook literature is not considered a sacrosanct tool in education anymore, rather learning-by-doing, multimedia presentations, graphics, and interactive teaching is quickly becoming the norm. Schools, especially international schools in India, are adopting more modern ways of teaching their students so they can compete on a global level. In an increasingly globalized world, international schools in India, like Podar, are providing a world-class education to students, making them adapt to compete on a bigger stage. Top schools in India, also focus on imparting the love for knowledge, by going beyond the textbooks and fostering genuine interests in the subjects.

Stellar Infrastructure - Top schools in India have realized that education cannot be constricted to classrooms anymore. A wholesome education enables a child to explore all aspects of their intellectual, physical, and emotional growth. To foster this all-rounded development, the top schools in India focus on improving and investing in infrastructure. A good sports arena, ample opportunities for extra-curricular activities, counseling centers for students’ mental well-being, career mentoring during secondary schooling, etc. The top schools in India make their schools not only a center of learning but also, all rounded growth.

A Strong Value System - A school that makes it into the top 10 always works on a strong belief system. The reason why they have such successful alumni is because of the same value system these schools ingrain in their students. Hard work, compassion, respect, empathy, perseverance, are all important values that our children need to fit into their lives. The top schools in India acknowledge the importance of the moral and emotional intelligence of their students from a young age, hence they try to sustain such values into their students’ belief systems resulting in successful outcomes. These outcomes don’t just focus on the material outcomes, but also the intangible behavior, habits, and value that led to the success. The top schools in India, also help ingrain moral values by alluding to our ancient, sacred, and diverse history and making sure the students are rooted in their origins.

Support System - The top schools in India have a rooted support system for their students and they strive towards creating a positive and secure environment for them. Students go through a lot of pressure and anxiety, especially during adolescence, which is why these schools have a counselor in school that can help students with their mental health. These schools also foster a healthy and interactive relationship between teachers and students so that students feel secure to ask for help in areas they need help. Having career counselors at hand, these schools make secondary schooling easier on the students by having dedicated mentors guide these students to forge a path towards their ambitions. International schools in India have dedicated school counselors who help with applications and college-matching with the students.

Focus on Application - Based Learning - More often than not, schools in India have shown to focus on a more textbook-based teaching structure, where rote learning decides your marks. Tops schools, especially international schools in India, are doing away with this and inculcating a more application-based teaching method. Workshops, labs, computer programming, virtual reality- these are now becoming mediums of teaching. The top schools in India create an inquisitive and exciting atmosphere of learning, by eliminating the drudgery of textbooks and notebooks. Learning can be fun, and top schools in India are making children get more excited about attending their classes!

Podar International School is, for these very reasons, considered to be among the top schools in India. If you’d like to get your child admitted here, click on this link.

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