5 Tips That Will Help Kids Succeed In High School

27 December 2021
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High school is an emotional roller-coaster and a crucial time period to make important academic decisions. High School is the time when they explore their interests and start narrowing down on colleges. This is the time when teens need the most guidance as the competition is getting tougher everywhere. With tight cut-off lists in colleges, it is more than clear that academic success is important to get your dream college. High school study tips should help navigate students to a successful career path. Writing notes, peer discussions, mock tests and more: here's how your kids can get through high school with ease -

  • Clarity of Thought - One of the most important tips to succeed is having clarity of thought. At this time, teens need effective guidance to forge their academic paths to their choice of study. If your child wants to go abroad, start looking for programs at the beginning of the school as all international applications start in the winter break. Consult with kids who have gone abroad for their further studies and encourage your child to attend seminars and group sessions with children and people who are pursuing an academic career that is similar to theirs. These discussions will give them confidence and clarity of thought to go forward with their decision.

  • Peer Discussions - One of the most important success tips for students in high school is to have peer discussions as much as possible. Peer discussions are a great way to discuss and clear doubts regarding study material through an open discussion. A peer study group incentivises study sessions and helps focus their attention on their subjects. Furthermore, it is a common saying that explaining a concept to someone else helps strengthen the conceptual knowledge. Peers can help break down confusing material in a language that they can understand.

  • Mock Tests - One of the most effective tips to succeed is taking as many mock tests as you can before the main exam. Preparing the mind to take a test in exam conditions ensures optimal performance on the exam date. Students need to time themselves and practice writing lengthy answers in a high pressure environment to prepare themselves as they write an important exam. Mock tests also help them test their preparation level and analyzing their mocks gives them the much needed insight about their performance. With a huge number of ed-tech platforms, taking a mock test from the comfort of your own home is now a very common matter.

  • Notes - Taking notes is one of the holy grail high school tips. Taking notes help break down complicated study material into the language that they can understand. Notes can act as an effective revising material and act as a refresher before exams. No more carrying books and heavy notebooks, when you carry your trusty notebook that contains all the important information that you need before the exam. Taking notes during class and then compiling them altogether in a language that your child understands and is able to relate to is a great high school study tip.

  • Taking Care of Your Mental Health - The most important tip to succeed is to take care of your mental health during this time of deadlines and exams. It is easy to get wrapped up in the stress of it all and can lead to serious health and anxiety issues if you don’t keep your mental health in check. Encourage your child to devote time to sports or physical activities in between their studies, and to practice breathing exercises to keep their mental health in check!

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