5 Top Parenting Tips to Keep Their Kids Interested in Science

28 December 2022
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Children are born curious and science is one subject that can really nurture this personality trait. Sometimes though, you might notice your child losing interest in the subject. It might be no fault of theirs - heavy textbooks, long lectures and overwhelmed teachers can douse their inquisitive fire. While the career choices relating to science are plenty, the subject also helps students develop a better understanding of the world around them. Needless to say, all it takes is a shift of perspective to make science for children interesting. There are many tricks on how to learn science while keeping it fun. Keeping in mind that even then it might not be every child's cup of tea, here are some parenting tips to keep your kid interested in science.

Movie nights
Textbooks are often extremely factual and often state laws without really painting a picture. Movies on the other hand take these facts and recreate something exciting around them. While it might be a little too far-fetched at times, they open up your young ones to the multiverse of possibilities that science can create. Some movies you can watch with your kids are Interstellar, Hidden Figures, A Beautiful Mind, The Man Who Knew Infinity, Big Hero 6 and so on. The kind of characters depicted can make science for children fun and give them a role model to look up to. Who knows, they might be inspired enough to own the next big invention!

Talk to the Robot
Robotics is one of the most interesting science topics for kids that promises to entirely change the world we live in. While it is still in its nascent stage, the progress so far has been groundbreaking. Give your child a glimpse into the world of science through robotics. It could be through convertible robot toys, summer courses in robotics for kids, DIY LEGO sets or exciting youtube videos. Iron Giant, Hugo and Robots are some movies that create an aesthetic depiction of the world of machines. Lastly, if there is a robotics exhibition in a city near you, make it a point to take your kid for a firsthand experience.

Trips to Science Parks
Science is not just theory, right? It is colourful chemicals, complicated motions and formulas that can put wizards to shame. While teachers do not always have time to conduct science experiments in class, you can show them how it works. Take your kids to a science park and let them experience 3D movies, a space show and real-life representations of the thousands of theories they have learnt. Be proactive in your conversations with them, asking them to explain what they see and how they can use it in real life. Seeing the magic happen right before them can encourage them to take interest in the subject.

Create a Supportive Learning Environment
As a parent, you can figure out fun ways how to make kids study science. In order to do that, the first step would be to create an encouraging and supportive learning environment. You need to be patient and just as curious as they are. Take them on walks and pull out your list of science questions for kids. Show them why some leaves are green, how the life cycle of a butterfly works and why rainbows exist. Every walk can be a new and exciting lesson that pushes them to look beyond textbooks. Apart from this, you can even work on activities at home such as making volcanoes, discovering cells in onion skins, sprouting beans, softening eggshells and hunting planets in the sky. Create a kid's study plan and try to execute it in a fun way. The world of science can be as immersive as you make it.

Invest in Science Toys for Kids
Some children are born engineers. They love taking things apart, building fascinating LEGO models and talking about flying to the moon. When they are young you don't even need to worry about how to make children study. Fan their inquisitiveness to encourage them to take an active interest in science. One way to catch their attention is by investing in quality science toys for kids. A microscope, a telescope, a basic chemistry set, a hydraulics kit, and robot sets are wonderful options. They can learn to build and understand some theory in the process too.

As a parent, if you are struggling to keep your child interested in science, it is time to shift your approach. Textbook lessons cannot keep them enraptured all the time and you might find yourself worrying about how to make studying a habit. You need to be proactive in the activities you plan for them. Take them out for walks in the garden or a science park and initiate conversations around scientific facts. This will create a visual representation of whatever theory you are talking about. Apart from that, planning sci-fi movie nights and investing in toys are great ways to make science fun for your little ones.

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