6 Productive Things for Kids To Do While In Lockdown 2.0

14 May 2021
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With strict instructions to stay at home and maintain all forms of social distancing, lockdown 2.0 is here. But worry not, there's a lot your child can do to make the most of their time. From learning a new language, to learning to cook, code, organising their notes or prepping for the new academic year, here are the top 6 productive things to do at home!

Take Up A Painting Project:

If your kid is inclined towards art and craft, then what better thank a paintathon at home? You could start small and go big. If you have a spare wall at home and you’re okay with letting your child explore their creativity on it, then get them some paints and stencils and let the party begin! PS: They could also take some craft classes online and learn new things. Art plays an important role in child development as it lets them explore their creative side.

Organise Notes:-

Schools give homework and assignments for the summer breaks and it’s a good idea to spend some part of the day organising all the important notes, books and worksheets. This way when your child has to refer to them, everything is arranged and handy. Also a good way to quickly revise everything.

Learn A New Language:-

There are umpteen benefits of learning a second language. And if this wasn’t something you explored earlier, now is a good time. Enrol in online classes to develop this new skill.

Learn Coding:-

As the world progresses, it’s important to have skills that set you apart. And teaching coding to your kids has long-term benefits for them. There are plenty of free and paid courses online that teach your kids the basics of coding and if they actually develop an interest in the subject, then there’s nothing that can stop them from deep diving. You never know, you could be introducing them to their future career!

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Start A Course:-

If your kid is academically inclined, then there are various distance learning courses for them to sign up for. Several top universities are providing certification courses for kids to get them interested in subjects like finance, health, machine learning, mix media and so on.

Cook Up A Storm:-

Get your kid to become a bit more independent and let them set foot in the kitchen and experiment. Cooking is a life skill they absolutely need to have. So start with easy recipes that don’t require them to use the stove, and once they’re confident, you can progress towards the tougher ones.

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