7 Effective Ways To Improve Your Child’s English

26 June 2021
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Spoken English is an important skill in today's times. Fluency and command over the language are growing to be requirements in children these days and hence spoken English is becoming an essential part of education in India. At Podar International School we place paramount importance on developing a level of proficiency in this language from a young age. From encouraging reading to pick up the language better to simple tricks like learning phrases over single words, here are some ways you can improve your child’s English communication skills-

  • Listening To Audio Books

    Audiobooks are a great way to inculcate English in your child’s everyday life. Through interesting stories that encapsulate your child’s attention, your child can grasp various methods and techniques to speak the language. It also is more attractive than picking up a book as your child can enjoy learning the language hands-free with fun stories that help your child’s imagination run free. Here are some audiobooks your children are bound to enjoy and can help them learn English fluently.

  • Keeping A Diary In English

    Journaling from a young age can help children increase their proficiency in the language as it encourages them to express their daily thoughts and activities in English. This improves their accuracy and fluency as they journal more and more and they get comfortable with the grammar and the correct usages of phrases which directly impact their spoken English.

  • Make Speaking Activities Fun

    Encourage funny, light-hearted activities to boost their interest in learning the language and improve their Spoken English skills. To correct the usage of words and phrases in a sentence try making the activity more engaging. For example, say the words in different ways. With a happy face, with a sad face, singing opera, acting sleepy. Use your imagination and have fun. Your child will be happy to repeat the words over and over again while making those funny faces. Your child might have a toy version of a favourite English-speaking cartoon character. Tell your child that this toy only understands English. Have a conversation with the toy yourself to encourage your child to do the same in private. Many young children learn language more easily when the learning is subtly combined with creative activities which makes English speaking for kids an activity they enjoy. Think about what your child likes doing for fun and try doing these activities in English, such as singing, playing games, reading books aloud, role-playing. All these fun tips can help your children learn to speak English fluently.

  • Videos

    Watching videos, interactive cartoons, movies, and listening to songs- in English can boost fluency in the language. With a plethora of online resources available when it comes to engaging and educational videos for children that help them get better at the language, videos are a very valuable option to inculcate a good command of the language. With their attractive graphics and fun music, it captures your child’s attention while teaching them the language.

  • Apps

    Learning English can be as easy as fun and games when it comes to apps. Using a host of interactive games and puzzles, these apps are designed to capture your child’s interest while making your child better at the language. Using their favourite music and cartoon characters, these apps create an interactive learning experience for your children which not only makes them better at it but also keeps them entertained and motivated to learn the language.

  • Pick Topics That Interest Your Children

    A great way to get your children to get interested in learning the language is picking topics that interest them. Encouraging them to express their thoughts and feelings towards things and topics that they like in English develops an affinity towards the language and better equips them with the confidence to use English in their day-to-day interactions. A fun way to introduce this in your child’s life is to devote a certain day where your child can prepare a sort of presentation for the family to talk about everything he likes but in English. This adds a fun spin to an educational activity that your child will surely enjoy and can help your child speak English fluently.

  • Develop A Family Routine

    In order to promote more holistic learning of the language in your child’s life, try incorporating the entire family in a routine where you dedicate a certain time of the day as ‘English Speaking Time’ where your child talks to everyone in English for a stipulated time of the day. Here, your child can express themselves in the language and learn to communicate better in the loving environment of their own homes!

At Podar, we ensure your child is looked after and provided assistance at all times. Click here if you want to enrol your child at our school.

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