7 Reasons to Choose Podar International School for Your Child's Education in Surat

10 May 2024
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Thinking of enrolling your child in a new school in Surat? Your search ends at Podar International School, Surat, an educational institution par excellence. With an unmatched legacy of nearly 9 decades of nurturing young minds and creating future leaders, Podar remains the preferred choice for parents in Surat. This blog will explore seven compelling reasons why Podar International School in Surat should be an ideal choice for shaping your child’s future.

  1. Academic Thoroughness
    At Podar International School, we strive to develop responsible, well-rounded, lifelong learners who can make valuable contributions to society. To accomplish this objective, we have created various projects and programs to support all types of learners. For instance, our in-house phonics program, offered to preschoolers through grade V, aims to build a solid foundation in the English language by incorporating phonics into reading, writing, and learning. Our teachers undergo rigorous training to deliver exceptional instruction, ensuring students are well-prepared to excel in competitive and Board examinations, particularly in grades IX and X.

  2. Innovation at the Centre
    Founded to provide each child with a high-quality education, Podar Education Network has made significant efforts to reach out to regions across India. The Podar Innovation Centre (PIC) was established in 2008 to maintain and improve educational standards. The PIC team ensures that only the best is provided to our students by selecting textbooks, creating syllabi, utilising information and communication technology (ICT), and developing teaching aids, lesson plans, worksheets, quizzes, and assessments.

  3. Unique Learning Programs
    Our curriculum incorporates courses and activities that allow students to gain practical, engaging, and meaningful experiences related to real-life situations. By linking academic subjects to practical experiences, students can acquire and utilise information more independently and realistically. Various teaching strategies are integrated under a single subject, enabling students to recognise their learning styles, experiment with different methods, and develop essential skills for physical, mental, social, and emotional growth and critical thinking.

  4. Excellent Pedagogy
    At Podar, we consider teaching a serious responsibility and believe that a school's staff is its most valuable asset. The Podar Education Network is committed to the ongoing professional development of all staff members through its Teachnique vertical training division, Teachnique Trainings, which serves as the network's one-stop shop for all training requirements.

  5. Focus on Beyond the Classroom
    Each extracurricular activity at Podar has a well-designed curriculum taught methodically and scientifically to ensure that participants enjoy the activity and develop the attributes it fosters, such as attention, strategic thinking, and leadership. Through the practice of sporting discipline, we bring in expert coaches to inspire students to compete in tournaments at the national and state levels. Podar also offers a broad range of holistic hobby programs to empower students to pursue their interests for example, dance, theatre and performing arts workshops are also available to the students!

  6. World Class Infrastructure
    Our state-of-the-art innovation labs allow students to acquire practical skills in cutting-edge technologies such as robotics, virtual reality, and 3D printing. Robotics education teaches students programming, automation, and coding, while 3D printing enables them to address challenges through design and application. Virtual reality allows students to explore difficult conditions and isolated places, applying STEM subjects in an integrated curriculum that fosters imagination, collaboration, and creative thinking.

  7. Education with a Purpose
    Podar Education Network collaborates with well-known NGOs supporting impoverished children's well-being, including Habitat for Humanity and CRY (Child Rights and You). A lot of work has been done via crowdsourcing and on-the-ground operations in collaboration with Habitat for Humanity and students at Podar International School.

With world-class infrastructure, excellent pedagogy and constantly evolving learning programs, Podar International School, Surat, is the best place to send your child for an all-round and holistic education!


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