A Guide To Include Greens In Your Child’s Daily Diet

22 October 2020

Nutrients for kids and nutrients for adults work in the same fashion. We all need vitamins, iron, minerals, proteins and good fats. However, children require nutrients in different amounts at different ages. The lockdown and the current health scenario has made it even more vital for us to ensure our kids get the right nutrition in their tummies. So are you ready to know about how to include nutritious food for kids?

Most kids are averse to veggies, fruits and just anything healthy. We are here to share some strategies which can be employed to get the required greens on their plate.

  • Butter It Up
    There is a reason why karela and broccoli aren’t your kids’ best friends. The bitterness of these vegetables is what pushes kids away. Young tongues are particularly sensitive to bitter food. As adults, we have grown accustomed to the taste and understand that the bitterness comes from good-for-you nutrients like calcium, flavonoids and more. Grass-fed butter, in particular, contains vitamins A, E and D3. The added fat helps their body to digest the vitamins.

  • Have Them Eat Veggies First
    Vegetables for kids are as important as it is for us. Now, we aren’t asking you to starve your kids but waiting until they are famished and serving a plate of carrot, celery and cucumber, might do the trick. As soon as your kids get done with class, keep a bowl of salad or fruits ready for them, which will make them opt for that first before they binge on snacks.

  • Make Mealtimes A Priority
    Sitting as a family at the dining table is an essential part of establishing healthy eating habits. To plan a healthy diet for kids, you need to let your kids know the importance of eating right. Mealtimes are more than just eating together; they are also a chance to monitor their eating habits and set an example for your child. You can try and look up some healthy food recipes for kids online that entice them to get their nutrition.

  • Make Fruits and Veggies More Appealing
    Fruits and vegetable for kids may not be their priority because you haven’t tried talking to them about it. Talk to them about the benefits of eating right. Keep a bowl of fruits in their vision at the dining table, so it serves as a reminder. Shredding veggies and adding them to various foods is another way of getting them to eat their greens.
    Taking care of health is of great importance in this time and age. You can also get in touch with our in-house nutritionist to know more about kids nutrition. We are proud to have the best faculty in the industry which is there to support you at all stages.

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