Admission Fee Structure at Podar International School in Mysore, Hebbal

2 May 2024
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A child’s mental and psychological development is heavily shaped by the school environment. We at Podar International School, Hebbal, take that responsibility seriously. Committed to providing a nurturing learning environment for the child and structured learning programs tailored to your child’s learning style, Podar plays a pivotal role in helping students maximize their capabilities. Our dedicated staff understand the unique needs of every child, cater to their requirements and capabilities, and at Podar International School, Hebbal, no child goes unnoticed. With over nine decades of educating young minds in India, PIS, Hebbal continues this legacy by offering your child academic excellence and state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Thinking of enrolling your child this academic year at CBSE School in Hebbal Mysore? Here is the detailed fee structure to help you make your decision!

Podar International School at Hebbal ensures affordability and accessibility to parents looking to enrol their children in the nursery program. The school charges an admission fee of INR 53,105 for new students, while old students pay INR 49,020. The fee reflects Podar’s promise to provide world-class early childhood education while ensuring accessibility and accommodating the needs of new and old students and their wards.

Junior KG to Senior KG
Transitioning from Nursery to Junior KG is an important milestone in a young student’s scholastic journey. The admission fee structure for Junior to Senior KG has been designed to facilitate a smooth transition while maintaining the course’s accessibility and affordability. New students enrolling in Jr KG are required to pay an admission fee of INR 57,265, while old students pay INR 52,680. This fee reflects the school’s commitment to providing seamless continuity in your child’s education while ensuring parents' affordability.

Primary (Classes 1-4)
Podar International School, Mysore, continues to prioritise accessibility and quality education as children progress into primary school. New students enrolling in classes 1-4 are charged an admission fee of INR 70,525, while old students pay a fee of INR 65,100. The fee structure is designed to provide a strong educational foundation for your child’s all-round development, ensuring that the school optimises your child’s formative learning years.

Secondary (Classes 5-10)
Transitioning to secondary school marks an important step in your child’s academic journey. This is a crucial phase in your child's life as they learn additional subjects, complex ideas and critical thinking. The fee structure for the secondary school is designed to facilitate your child’s continued learning and development. New students joining this session will pay an admission fee of INR 76,830, while old students pay INR 70,920. This fee reflects Podar’s commitment to providing holistic secondary education and creating strong foundational knowledge, especially in STEM subjects.

Thinking of enrolling your child in Podar International School, Hebbal, this admissions season? Follow our link to the online admissions portal and start your child’s path to academic excellence today!


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