Best Bedtime Stories To Read To Children

21 July 2021
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At Podar International School, we believe that learning is an ongoing process that goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, especially knowledge on values, virtues, and moral principles that guide our lives. Through beautifully crafted words and intriguing narratives, stories for kids are an important medium through which we pass on these important values and virtues to our children. From inspirational stories to moral values, here are some of our favorite books to read out to kids during bedtime.

  1. Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls

    This is an anthology of 100 inspiring stories of extraordinary women from the past to the living present. This book gives your child a peek into the trials and challenges faced by these women and the adversities they had to overcome to achieve these towering heights. These stories are bound to inspire your child and give your young one their daily dose of motivation to strive for their dreams- big or small! This is one of the best bedtime stories to read to your kids.

  2. One More Does Matter, Lana by David Howlett

    Lana, a creative little rabbit with a fire in her belly tries to save the forest one tree at a time. She teaches her greedy, tree cutting neighbour Mr. Wolf about the importance of upcycling. Through this fable of overpowering greed, the book imparts a moral that encompasses both; the importance of conserving our forests and the endurance of nature.

  3. Try Your Best, Patrick by David Howlett

    Patrick is a normal chicken. He’s ok at this and ok at that. He thinks his friends are far better than him at everything. He longs to be the best at something, but just can’t seem to find his talent. His mother always tells him to try his best, but Patrick wonders if he will ever be good at anything? This story about a little chicken who is discouraged by his ‘normalness’ reminds us that it takes perseverance (with some heart break) and willingness to keep trying to make us the best that we can be.
    Additionally, you can check out more wonderful reads from Daffodil Lane Books, an independent children’s publishing boutique that connects young readers with captivating, diverse and delightful storybooks. Ideal for emergent readers, the pictures, colours and text are carefully thought out to engage critical thinking.

  4. A City Rat and A Village Rat

    Through the creative characters of the village rat and the city rat, this story creates a parallel between the stressful and fast-paced life in the city versus the slower, more rural life of the village rat. Through keen observation of the lives of these two rats, children can get a true understanding of the real world and the different lifestyles of people. Kids can learn to accept and gain more empathy for people with different perspectives through children’s bedtime stories, making this story a great addition to your nighttime routine!

  5. The Gopi Diaries

    This book written by the inimitable Sudha Murthy, is a tale narrated by a dog named Gopi. The Gopi Diaries is a series of three books, beginning with the first called Coming Home which narrates Gopi’s first experience of being adopted by his kind and loving human family. This series follows Gopi’s experiences and his own unique take on the journey of life- imparting simple values through fun stories that your child will surely love!

  6. My Big Book On Good Manners

    Good stories for kids have this influential effect on kids that help them to build good habits and attitudes. Education in India does not place these basic virtues at the helm of their teaching environment, making bedtime stories an efficient and imperative medium through which we can introduce these habits. My Big Book On Good Manners is an illustrative and fun way through which stories and beautiful drawings capture your child’s attention and at the same time teach them important lessons on etiquette and empathy!

  7. The Harry Potter Series and Various Works of Ruskin Bond

    For your child just venturing to read on their own, introducing these famous and universally loved books spark their creativity at a young age. Through the beautifully crafted short stories by Ruskin Bond, a child takes their first creative flight into the fun mythical world created by this esteemed author.

Make sure your kids fall in love with books from a young age, and as they grow older, get them to read for an hour a day everyday. From improving memory, to creative thinking to building their vocabulary, reading has a lot of benefits. Find out more about the advantages of reading in our blog.

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