Concentration Hacks: How To Keep Your Kids Focused During Online Learning

16 November 2020
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Create the perfect study station, maintain a routine, update your technology and so on, the advice and solutions are endless to the one problem all the parents are facing in the times of the pandemic: how exactly do you get your child to give their all in an online classroom? Parents, these few tips and tricks are sure to help you out.

Set The Expectation Right

The first and the biggest mistake is to compare online learning with in-school learning. This academic year has been particularly challenging for kids, and it’s time to take note of that and talk to them in a way that they understand and don’t feel the pressure. Any of the best schools in India have always talked about being patient with your kids and having the right expectation setting with them. For example, if your child is below 10 years of age, their concentration levels cannot be expected to match those of an older child. Similarly, if your child is unable to grasp something immediately in a virtual classroom despite having been a fast learner otherwise, remember it’s okay. Similarly, don’t compare your child’s progress with their peers. You may think it’s motivating but in reality, it might have the exact opposite effects. Children take time to adapt to new settings, so make sure you tell them it’s okay to take things easy.

Eliminate Distractions

In most cases in a virtual classroom, it’s tough for children to concentrate. Hence, it’s extremely important that you take off any form of physical or virtual distraction during school hours. For example, make sure the room your child is studying in is noise-free. It’s best for your child to not have a mobile around during online learning. Similarly, make sure their access to games and other tabs on the Internet browser is limited during school hours.

Encourage Breaks

A child cannot be expected to spend eight hours straight in front of a machine. Not only is it difficult for them to focus, it’s also counter-productive. To make sure your child makes the best of online learning, encourage them to take periodic breaks. Movement is extremely important for the body and brain, so make sure the breaks are screen-free, and involve a physical activity or two. You can make your child stretch, take a quick walk, grab a bite or even engage in some fun banter with a friend. As per the best schools in India, these practices bring in a sense of normalcy.

Tell Your Child Words Of Encouragement

Is there anything more satisfying than getting a pat on your back for your hard work? We don’t think so! On a regular basis, make sure you’re telling your child what they’ve done right. Positive feedback to your child, especially during the times of online learning (and otherwise), can go a long way. Top schools in India such as Podar International School always encourage parents to appreciate their kids’ efforts. Like it’s important to tell them where they go wrong and how they can approve, telling them they did well in class, or stayed focused in a virtual classroom can instantly lift their spirit.

The best schools in India come equipped with patient, loving teachers. These teachers not only guide the students, they also listen to understand and provide them with solutions that will make their online learning a whole lot easier. At Podar International School, the teachers understand this, hence, follow all the best practices to make sure online learning is a fun, loving and easy process.

If you’re keen to get your child enrolled in a healthy study environment, check the admission process at Podar to know more.

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