Dare To Be Different: Why PIS Ludhiana Is Topping The Charts

19 March 2022
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Podar International School, Ludhiana has been delivering consistent stellar academic records and is modernising and revolutionising education in the area. As a brand, Podar Education Network is quite known for their contributions towards the education system of India with their trailblazing efforts of making quality education available all over India. With a vast network that keeps on expanding, it is no surprise that Podar International School is among the best CBSE schools in Ludhiana. When the motto of the school is grounded in traditional values of integrity, honesty and service, there is no stopping success! Podar International School has truly changed how we think of education here in Ludhiana making it one of the most sought after CBSE school in Ludhiana. With a stellar academic record and modern approach to education, PIS Ludhiana is truly one of the best schools in Ludhiana. Safety of the kids, variety in extracurriculars and umpteen assistance in aiding students and excelling at academics are a few of the reasons for PIC Ludhiana is topping the charts for parents.

  1. Safety - One of the most important things about a school’s performance post the pandemic is its safety protocol especially for the younger kids who are yet to receive some form of vaccination. This is why Podar International School takes the safety precautions very seriously at the institution. With numerous sanitization stations, strict cleaning and sanitization protocol, vaccinated teaching and non-teaching staff and a strict masking policy, the administration at Podar is taking all the necessary precautions and even taking extra steps to ensure protection for young students! A strict social distancing policy, with an open communication channel makes it one of the best schools in Ludhiana.

  2. Holistic Learning - What makes PIS one of the best CBSE schools in Ludhiana is the attention to extra curricular activities and availability of resources to help children learn beyond their textbook. PIS emphasizes on wholesome personality development where students are able to learn about themselves and interests and are able to nurture them in supportive environments. With an abundance of art, dance and music clubs, along with a state of the art sports center helps students nurture and access their creative and sporting side helping them become better versions of themselves. Apart from that, Podar also places a special focus on building a strong character by infusing the importance of kindness, respect and empathy into their daily instruction to create compassionate and kind future leaders and citizens of the society.

  3. Supportive Staff and Faculty - PIS is one of the best CBSE schools in Ludhiana because of its stringent hiring process that conducts thorough background checks of all their teaching staff to ensure that they are aligned with the Podar Mission of creating well-rounded, compassionate and innovative citizens of the future. Teachers are encouraged to include more application based learning modules in their structure to facilitate foundational and translational learning among the students. Apart from that, individualised attention and support is something that your child can expect from their teachers at PIS!

  4. Friendly Administration - By maintaining a healthy and open channel of communication, PIS retains its consistent position of being one of the best schools in Ludhiana. The administration frequently holds open discussions about school policies and events with parents so that they are up to date about their child’s progress, both in academics and on a personal level. By maintaining a cordial and open relationship with guardians, we aim to open a collaborative network to create the best learning and growing environment for students!

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