Did You Know? 5 Interesting Facts About The Indian Republic Day

25 January 2022
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26th January is indeed a proud day for any Indian. The Indian Republic day parade has been a fixture on television in every Indian household ever since live broadcasts were available on live TV. The livening speech at the Red Fort by the leader of the country, the vibrant celebration of our diversity, the Indian army display that fills our heart with patriotic pride- Indian Republic day is truly a sentimental day for every Indian of any religion, caste, or class. However, our kids may understand that Republic day is a holiday but may not understand the importance of republic day in India. Parents can act as important guides when it comes to educating children about the rich history of the nation- whether it is the struggle for freedom, the building of the constitution, or the significance of the republic day in India. Some children may not be able to tell the difference between the importance of Independence Day and Republic day, which is why as parents it is imperative that we take the initiative to educate our kids and garner interest in their cultural history. To help with that, here are 5 interesting facts about Republic Day that is sure to capture your child’s interest!

  • The Indian Republic Day Parade is now a famous national event at Rajpath, New Delhi, but in the early years of post-independence, 1950-1954- this was not the case. The parade was held at 4 different venues in these years, till they selected a place that still remains the venue till today. The parade was initially held at the National Stadium which was previously known as the Irwin Stadium, Kingsway, Red Fort, and Ramleela Maidan. Rajpath which was previously known as Kingsway became the final choice of venue and has been so ever since 1955.

  • The Indian Republic Day Parade event happens right after the President arrives at the venue. During this time the cavalier bodyguards of the President pay their respects to the national flag and soon after that, the National Anthem starts playing. Post that, a 21 gun salute is given but the interesting fact is that 21 canons are not used for this gun salute. Instead, 7 cannons are fired in 3 rounds and these 7 cannons are known as the 25 Ponders. Another interesting fact is that the salute is always timed accurately with the beginning of the national anthem. The first firing starts right at the beginning and the last firing will always commence after 52 seconds. These cannons are also quite old, made way back in 1941, and are still used in every formal program.

  • The song called ‘Abide By Me’ is played every Republic Day Parade as it was Mahatma Gandhi’s favorite song.

  • The importance of republic day in India is that it marks and celebrates the day on which the Constitution of India came into full effect turning the young nation into a republic. It became a fully sovereign republic in the Commonwealth which is a huge transition from its autonomous status within the Commonwealth realm of the British Monarch. However, there is a significant distinction to be made. 26th November 1949 is when the Constitution was adopted however it came into effect on the 26th of January which is why republic Day is celebrated on this day.

  • An interesting fact about the significance of the date of the Indian Republic day is that it is closely associated with the Indian Independence Movement. On 26th January 1930, the Indian National Congress declared Purna Swaraj or the Declaration of Complete Independence from the British forces, and the 26th of January was previously considered to be our Independence Day. The Purna Swaraj declaration accelerated the non-violent protests against the British led by the Father of the Nation- Mahatma Gandhi that we still remember as one of the turning points in the Indian struggle against the British Imperial forces.

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