Enrol Right, Worry Less: What Makes Podar International School In Mumbai A Preferred Option For Parents

08 February 2021
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When it comes to your child and their betterment, you do not ever want to leave a stone unturned. Especially when it comes to education. The way a child is moulded in their formative years determines, to a large extent, what kind of adults they will grow up to be. Schooling should not be taken lightly and in a fast-paced city such as Mumbai, where most parents are chasing careers while simultaneously focusing on their child’s welfare, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration while choosing from among the best schools in Mumbai. Whether it is focusing on your child's overall growth or having centres in multiple locations, Podar International School is one of the most preferred schools in the city and in this blog, we put the spotlight on why.

A Complete Journey

Starting with Podar Jumbo Kids and going on all the way till standard 12, Podar International School covers it all. It’s a complete 360-degree journey that begins with nursery. Moves on to primary, then secondary and finally higher secondary education. Podar International School is also among the best CBSE schools in Mumbai and the best international schools in Mumbai. Their curriculum is based on various boards including CBSE, ICSE, CAIE and the Maharashtra State Board. And the Podar Innovation Centre, which is their centralised board, maintains uniformity in syllabus and teaching styles throughout all schools.

Staff Like Family

One of the most important reasons besides the in-house environment that makes parents narrow down on a school is what the staff there is like. And that’s the one thing you needn’t worry about at any of the centres of Podar International School in Mumbai. All the teachers undergo a stringent and uniform training via the Podar Innovation Centre and each of them are friendly and approachable. This makes it easy for both, the parents and the students.

Equal Importance On Academics & Extracurriculars

While academics holds top priority at Podar International School in Mumbai, extracurriculars aren’t far behind. The schools have a spectacular Sports Lab that allows students to go free and wild, and explore the sporty side to their personality. From skating and archery to basketball, hockey, cricket and football, the Sports Lab offers a good mix of new age and traditional sports. When it comes to holistic development, students can choose from a variety of hobby classes such as theatre, music, dance, debating and so on. Thanks to Podar International School in Mumbai, parents needn’t be worried about the overall growth and development of their child. And if we see a student taking active interests in any of the fields- academics or extracurriculars- we ensure we help them hone their skills and excel at whatever they do.

Multiple Locations Across The City

The topmost reason why Podar International School in Mumbai is a widely preferred option for parents is that it is not restricted to just one location. You can find Podar International School at -

  1. Mira Road
  2. Powai
  3. Santacruz
  4. Vasai
  5. Worli
  6. Thane
  7. Navi Mumbai-Nerul
  8. Ambernath
  9. Bhiwandi
  10. Kalyan

You can opt for the school centre that is closest to your home and select the board that is available at the centre. Besides, in a city like Mumbai, many families tend to shaft around, and taking internal transfers is always an option. The school transport system, too, is mighty efficient.

You can read more about the various locations of Podar International School in Mumbai here.

Strong Parent-Teacher Community

It’s absolutely imperative for parents and teachers to be on the same page, at least as far as the welfare of children is concerned. Thankfully at Podar International School in Mumbai, there is a strong parent-teacher association that is constantly updated with the changes/new developments at school. Similarly, there are also regular meetings of the association. This gives scope to both parties to always ask and clear all doubts.

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