Factors to Consider While Choosing Best CBSE Schools in Vadodara

31 January 2023
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While a large number of educational institutes & schools crop up in various locations across Gujarat every few days, shortlisting the best CBSE schools in upcoming cities like Vadodara is important to ensure your kid receives world-class schooling!

Wondering how to choose an International school that counts as one of the best CBSE schools in Vadodara? Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best International CBSE board schools in bustling city of Vadodara for your kids!

Globalized Education

Keeping students abreast with the most recent trends, advancements & discoveries in the modern world is essential to ensure they become well-informed, elite citizens capable of combating any worldly challenge. Choose CBSE schools in Vadodara that offer a globalized curriculum taught with digital learning tools and tech-based learning techniques to ensure world-class education for your growing child. As one of the most preferred and leading International schools in Gujarat, Podar is one of the few CBSE schools in Vadodara that offers a globalized curriculum disseminated with advanced technologies, gamification, graphics, and practical learning in the daily learning process within the school premises. Your child at Podar will not only be equipped with worldly knowledge but also be ready to tackle challenges at a worldwide level!

Comfortable School Environment

Children learn, imbibe and grow into their best versions when they are not only comfortable but also motivated in their environment. And a school environment needs to be just that. While picking international CBSE board schools in Vadodara, ensure that the school premises like the classroom, sports fields, laboratories, etc., are equipped with latest technologies and most comfortable arrangements. On the other hand, also note that the best CBSE schools in Vadodara should have a conducive, motivating and positive environment that pushes your child to achieve their true potential! Podar International school is one of the best CBSE schools in Vadodara, offering a conducive schools environment that is designed as per ergonomical principles for physical comfort and overall motivation!

Sports & Extracurricular Activity Facilities

While academics are the central focus at all schools in Gujarat, the best CBSE schools in upscale cities like Vadodara will go one step beyond the basic academics. Learning sports and pursuing hobbies and extracurricular activities is an essential part of any child’s growth. And that’s exactly what you should look for in all the best CBSE schools you shortlist in Vadodara! We encourage every student at Podar’s CBSE & International schools in Vadodara to pursue their interests and develop their special skill sets! Every step of the way, they are inspired to follow their passions and abilities. Students can explore & participate in a number of sports, from skating and archery to basketball, hockey, cricket, and football, thanks to the fantastic Sports Labs present at all top Podar CBSE schools in Vadodara, Gujarat. They can also choose to develop a range of interests for their general skill development, such as acting, dancing, music, debating, and more.

Conducive Teacher-Student Relationship

Children's holistic development extends beyond the conventional chalk-and-board teaching method. While for some kids learning ends as the class bell rings, but for some, their learning was never complete. While picking the best CBSE schools in Vadodara, pick an International school that goes beyond the classroom teachings to improve your child’s learning process and clarify their core concepts. Institutes that improve their schooling experiences by using structured modules and guides for bettering students’ concepts besides their regular coursework are the best ones for your kids. At our CBSE schools in Vadodara, our trained faculty & teachers regularly engage with their students to understand their progress, problem areas, identify their strengths and weaknesses, all through dedicated one-on-one sessions with students after the regular classroom teaching! At Podar, we truly acknowledge every child’s needs and offer them the support they need!

Regular Updates For Parents

Parents are not only integral in the admission of their child into one of the best schools in Vadodara. They also play an important role in the overall development of their child during school hours. As parents, you must choose CBSE schools in Vadodara that regularly update you on your child’s progress, coursework, achievements and even concerning issues. This allows parents to contribute to their child’s learning and development much more efficiently! To ensure students at Podar receive world-class education, we conduct frequent conferences and PTAs to allow parents to voice their feedback in a way to improve the learning process for their children. Our administrators ensure to update parents on their child's progress, identify their child's strengths and weaknesses, and collaborate to find solutions to every challenge. Students at our International & CBSE schools in Vadodara really do receive best-in-class education as well as reliable support from faculty!

Now that you know all the key factors to consider before enrolling your child into the best schools in Vadodara, are you ready to pick the right one for you? If you said yes, Podar International School is awaiting you!

At Podar, we strive to better our schooling experience for students by keeping up with latest trends and developments on a global scale every day. If you’re looking to enrol your child into one of the best CBSE schools in Vadodara, Gujarat, Podar International School is the answer for you!

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