Frequently Asked Questions Around Admissions Answered In Minutes (Part II)

01 March 2021
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In this edition of frequently asked questions, we cover the topics of easy admissions, school transfers and overall growth of children. As parents, you have only the best interest of your child and you always want to be clear in your thought process. No last-minute worries and doubts.

With English being such an important subject and the primary spoken language in school, how will Podar help my kid improve their English?

At Podar International School, we make learning more fun and less like a chore. The idea is to get your kid to enjoy what they do. To make sure they learn English better, we will take the following measures:

  • All students are encouraged to speak English through the day at school.
  • We take extra classes for students who we think need additional help.
  • Through different technologies introduced in the classrooms, students are taught to learn and cope with English better.
  • English Experts from the UK are part of the Podar faculty and travel to every Podar International School. They interact with the teachers and students improving English language communication skills, phonics, pronunciation etc.

If we decide to relocate to another part of the country, will Podar International School help with an internal transfer?

100% we will. Podar International School has 131 educational institutes across India. Hence, you will never have trouble finding one of our centres close to you. All our internal transfers happen at no extra cost and the only amount you may have to pay is the difference in school fees at the two locations.
PS: We give preference to Podar International School alumni in case of transfers.

You can read more about why parents in transferable jobs prefer Podar International School here.

Is there any entrance test at the time of taking admission at Podar International School?

Unlike a lot of other schools, our admission process is much more swift and hassle-free. No written test is conducted at Podar School. Admissions are taken on a first come, first serve basis. In fact, any sort of entrance test is illegal as per law.

How does one get the right uniforms and necessary stationery for Podar Schools?

To make things much easier for families, we’ve shortlisted suppliers for books and uniforms. These vendors have been zeroed down upon keeping in mind the quality and price of their products. Parents can purchase required material from these vendors or online on

Please note that parents are not compelled to purchase uniforms or books from these vendors. This is provided only to make things much easier for parents.

Can you elaborate a little about the Between Us web portal provided by the school?

Any of the best schools in India will maintain one common practice- bring the parent and the teacher on the same page. Between Us bridges this gap. It is a web portal designed for the ease of the parent and teacher, and some of the basic advantages of using it are:

  • It facilitates parent-teacher communication.
  • Students’ behaviour is reported.
  • Daily activities of students are reported.
  • Attendance of students is reported.
  • Bulk SMS to parents about important school issues are done.

You can read more about all our FAQs here. In case you’d like to know more about the admission process at Podar International School, click here.

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