Here’s Why Are Hobbies Important in Children’s Learning and Development

24 September 2021
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Hobbies allow children to tap into their inner passions and talents while allowing them to understand all that they enjoy and are good at. This helps them build confidence and self-esteem, apart from giving their mind and body the much-needed stimulation. So here's why we encourage developing hobbies in children.

  • A Deeper Appreciation For Life - If you have heard your daughter humming to their favorite, or even emulate their idol’s popular moves, or even picking up their favorite book to re-read, you probably have a fair idea about your kid’s hobbies, but do they know? Children should know what are hobbies and should be encouraged to cultivate a deeper interest in them for better personality development. Happy children are more likely to have a better relationship with their parents and peers, and why should they not? Children who spend a chunk of their time nurturing their talents and actually doing what they love are more fulfilled and grateful towards life than those who are extremely hardwired with just bookish knowledge and curriculum. Hobbies for kids not only develop their motor and brain functions rapidly, but they also help in building healthier personalities. Education in India does not provide enough avenues for children to develop themselves, but at Podar International School, we understand your child’s individuality and support them in every way, through our wide range of extra-curricular activities, to nurture their interests.

  • Probability Of Monetization of Hobbies - A recurring theme with almost all the start-ups and the exponential growth of tech and other companies is that they were all borne out of their founder’s hobbies and passions. All billion-dollar companies whether it is Facebook or Tesla, are all brainchildren of people who were passionate about their interests and elevated them to a point where they have now become institutions. Almost everyone who has followed their passion and interests diligently has become successful! Hobbies and Interests are not just things to pass the time, but they can also decide your child’s future!

  • It Is Good To Explore - It is not always true that your child has to follow the traditional routes if becoming an engineer, a lawyer, or a doctor to be truly successful, in a multi-disciplinary world, every skill and every talent has a place. Your child can also have a fulfilling lifestyle if they follow their passion and become a wildlife photographer. There are enough and more photographers who have a lavish lifestyle, both in material and immaterial terms. You must support your child’s interests and true career choices to help him explore his individuality. Throwing them into the rat race with hopes that they will have a somewhat stable career is not always the best choice for them. Understand the importance of hobbies in life, just because it is unusual does not mean it is bad!

  • Important Life Skills - The benefits of hobbies at a young age are that children acquire important skills for a long time that helps them deal with everyday situations and these skills stay with them for a long time, and help them in their professional and personal lives for years to come. If your child has artistic inclinations, and they like being creative, these skills can go a long way, if they are presenting one day and may need to use those same artistic skills to make their work look more attractive. If their passion is public speaking, they can become better orators and speakers that can help them ace any social situation in their professional life with ease.

  • Improved Social Skills - Not only do they keep energetic kids occupied, but hobbies are also great for acquiring social skills. As your child explores their interests, they will meet new people with similar interests and hobbies and they can expand their social circle and skills by just interacting with them. What’s more, if your child shares a social skill with their grandparents or relatives, it also helps to deepen their bonds. Social skills go a long way in sealing a good personality and can help them later in their professional future!

We always encourage our students to look beyond the obvious and cultivate habits that will help them in holistic development. To know more about our school, click here.

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