How to Create Homework Strategies for Kids

29 May 2021
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Does your child struggle taking notes? Do they have a problem manoeuvring through their homework overload? If yes, then they aren’t alone. Oftentimes children need assistance when it comes to studying, and that could be in more ways than one. The education system in India, today, propagates learning over mindlessly “mugging up”. Similarly, the idea is to give just enough homework so students are able to practice what they learn, and not be overwhelmed. Here are some common homework struggles among students and what you can do to make their lives easy!

Don’t Rush Through

Children, almost always, are in a rush to finish their homework. And because they consider it to be a chore rather than a wholesome learning experience, they land up making more mistakes. So, the easier way to tackle this problem could be by segregation. One of the easiest study tips known is division of homework:

  • Most boring: To be done first so you’ve got done with the least favourite/ most difficult subjects and topics right at the start.
  • Moderately boring: Here you cover stuff that may not necessarily be categorised as “fun exercises” but subjects and topics that the child doesn’t dislike.
  • Least boring: This is where all the fun assignments and all the favourite subjects come in. The reason this is the last part is so that the child has something to look forward to and it ensures that all other homework has also been covered.

Find A Study Buddy

The school syllabus sometimes is vast and too much to cover alone. And plenty of times the given assignments may be termed as “boring” by kids. So the best way to get them to efficiently finish their homework is by getting them a study buddy...even if it means online. May be your kid and a friend could stay logged in online together and simultaneously finish their homework. This way they’re not alone, they can rely upon each other for help and the task at hand is done too.

Create A Study Station

The right environment can make a world of a difference. Why do kids study well in a classroom? Because it’s a space they associate with learning. Home isn’t really the space they associate with school work but if you want them to do their homework well, then you could create a homework station for them. This isn’t something extraordinary- just set up a space in the house where they will have all their essentials from books to stationery. This way they know that whether it’s attending online classes of finishing homework, it’s all done in one spot.

Time Management & Organisation

These two points are key to a successful life and growth. And the sooner you teach these to your kids, the faster they will learn and put them to practice. Some of the best schools in India will incorporate the importance of time management and organisation in their teachings. So how do you do this? You can start by creating a homework schedule. Figure out the time of the day your child concentrates the best and build the schedule accordingly. Similarly, you can divide the vast homework assignments into smaller bits and cover them over a period of time in order to not feel overwhelmed. As for organisation, make sure your kid arranges all the notes in the right order and stores all their books correctly; along with making sure everything is accessible to them at all times. Similarly, they can learn to colour code using sticky notes. This way they can demarcate all their notes and highlight everything that’s important and required. This will make it easier for them to navigate through their notes and books.

At Podar International School, we make sure we assist the kids through every hurdle- be it classroom learning or homework struggles. We ‘re with them every step of the way. Do you wish to enrol your child in our school, click here for a seamless online admission process.

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