How To Get The Perfect Handwriting

27 September 2021
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Daily practice, choosing the right pen, knowing your style, and more: here are some ways you can get perfect handwriting in no time!

  • Make Writing Fun - Beautiful handwriting does not come instantly, it takes time, patience, and effort. The expertise and the flair will only come after determined and focused practice. Children have very short attention spans, and making them sit in one place and expect them to concentrate without incentives is short-sighted. Make the whole activity fun, offer your child a fun pencil only to be used when you practice hand-writing, either in their favorite colors or their favorite characters. Don’s start with random words to copy, make it fun by adding word puzzles, a game of hangman or simply just ask them to narrate a story and write about the theme as they go!

  • Incorporate Drawing - Building in from the last point, word puzzles and drawing really help to accelerate proficiency of the physical aspects of how to improve handwriting. For best handwriting practice, teach them how to hold the pencil correctly- which can order to develop the physical requirements of writing, this can be easily done by first starting out with drawing practice. Teach them how to hold the pencil correctly, to correct their posture- all this goes a long way in helping their dexterity, motor control, and hand-to-eye coordination! You can also practice with cutlery to help achieve a better posture!

  • Identify The Problem - English handwriting has common problems which are divided into these concise areas- the shape of the letter, sizing, the amount of space between words, and aligning your sentences. Focus your child’s attention on getting the concepts of the shape right, make sure that they are using both hands to control the paper for smoother writing. Challenge their current concepts of line and space alignment by asking them to correctly note down their thoughts with correct spacing.

  • Get The Right Tools For Perfect Handwriting - To achieve good handwriting, you need to have the right tools, so they are experienced with handling these tools in schools. But make sure you know the level your kids are at before you buy the right stationery for them. If they are having trouble with the normal-sized pencils, get them a smaller or kid-sized one, get good erasers handy for smarter and smooth cleaning, make it exciting by getting all their stationery in their favorite colors and themes.

  • Try Creative Methods - Schools in India don’t always provide dedicated sessions towards improving handwriting. However, Podar International School takes out the time to encourage these sessions at the primary level as they understand the importance of good handwriting. At home, you can initiate this practice virtually at any surface, a foggy mirror, or even a patch of mud, kids can get their hands dirty and have a gala time practicing their handwriting!

We encourage our students to write and practice on a daily basis, as that will help them to not only improve their handwriting, but also increase their pace. If you’d like to know more about our school, click here.

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