How to get your child interested in robotics?

09 November 2022
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In today's world, fanning your child's creativity is crucial to keeping boredom at bay. Amongst its many benefits, it encourages curiosity, imbibes a desire to experiment and helps build practical problem-solving skills. The world of robotics is one such avenue that pushes both children and adults to tinker around with ideas and possibilities. A nascent field with endless possibilities for growth, robotics is a treasure trove of experimentation and requires creative, curious individuals to take it further. Furthermore, it is best to encourage your kids' creativity at a younger age, in its most active stage. That said, it is not difficult to increase awareness of robotics in kids. Through robotics courses for kids, LEGO sets for teenagers or educational robots, you can get your child interested in robotics too.

Toys that focus on robotics for kids
Robotics is more than just putting down ideas on paper - it's also about building these ideas. Through robotics projects for kids that involve LEGO sets, your kids can get a first hand experience of building something from scratch. Apart from that, you can even get wooden blocks or Mega Blocks to generate a healthy interest toward robotics in children. When you start early, you also allow them to take their own time, make mistakes and learn from them. It would be best to be there with them initially and gradually give them more autonomy and independence. This way they will feel safe enough and subsequently hone their imagination and problem-solving skills.

Media around robotics for kids
TV tends to create a lasting impression on its viewers, especially kids. Pick up interesting films or videos that focus on robotics for kids. It can serve as the perfect introduction to robotics for beginners and help your kids understand it well. Pick up animated movies such as Wall-E, Big Hero 6, the Iron Giant, Hugo or Robots to pique their interest. Apart from that, there are plenty of YouTube channels that help make robotics fun for kids. Lastly, pick up some online robot simulation games that encourage kids to build their own robots. If your kid does not seem all that interested in robotics, picking up some fun media is the best way to grab their attention.

Invest in robotics courses for kids
Most kids may not be able to sit through long and boring lectures on robotics. The best way to take their learning a step further is by picking up educational apps, games or kid-friendly courses on robotics. Moreover, it doesn't have to all be online. A lot of communities encourage a kid's spirit of curiosity and organise introductory courses in robotics for kids. Being outdoors with other kids that share a similar interest can really encourage your little one. Look at courses in robotics in schools, or educators that might be willing to conduct a course or are already running one.

DIY robotics kits for your kids
Robotics and technology are fun fields to be in thanks to their creative and experiential nature. Purchase easy-to-use DIY kits to see if your child is open to experimenting and tinkering around. Make sure they are simple and don't confuse your child due to their complexity. Sit down with them, help them understand and allow them to be autonomous as and when you feel like they're ready. It is important to allow them to be on their own but not let them get too overwhelmed either. Pick up bigger projects as and when they accomplish the smaller ones. There are plenty of toys out there that can genuinely get your child interested in creating these beautiful machines

Robotics and technology are great if you want to nourish your kid's creativity, curiosity and problem-solving skills. However, your little one needs to have an active interest in it for them to really grasp the concepts. You can start by testing their curiosity through fun movies and other media and then follow it up with some toys and DIY sets such as legos. You can then try to increase awareness of robotics in kids through online courses or offline camps in robotics. Furthermore, remember to not push too much and allow your kid to learn through mistakes. If your kid does not seem to actively participate in the activities, take a break for a few days and reintroduce them. A little patience, lots of support and your eager participation can make all the difference in making robotics fun for your kids.

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