How To Select The Perfect International School In Gujarat

17 October 2022
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When it comes to your child’s education, you simply want the best. Education in India has become a truly valuable resource and a building block that secures your child’s future. Parents are on the lookout for the best schools in Gujarat that provide their children with fertile ground for their minds to be nurtured. School is the first building block that determines and crafts your child’s character, so choosing the right school for your child is a very important decision. With steep competition, everyone's looking to become the best. While looking for the best school, there are certain criteria one needs to keep in mind. Here’s how to choose the best school for your child, and how Podar International School is truly outperforming others in this field-

Premium Infrastructure - Podar International School prides itself on its state-of-the-art school infrastructure that aims to optimize the potential and learning of each student, while also building a respectable character out of their personalities. Through their high-tech infrastructure, PIS helps every student by assisting them in learning to learn, reducing any sort of distractions, enhancing focus, and removing any form of discomfort or difficulty. Learning and studying at Podar is all about reducing any level of discomfort that might prove a hindrance during learning and studying. This is why all their facilities at school are ergonomically designed. Their classrooms are spacious and are occupied with furniture that is specially designed to make sure that the child holds their prime focus during lessons.

School Amenities - Education does not start and end in classrooms. There should be an impressive amount of amenities to aid the education and overall development of your child. Podar International School is truly one of the best schools in Gujarat as they provide the best resources to optimize the learning potential of the CBSE board. They have multiple labs in the schools such as science labs, math labs, and innovation labs to approach learning with an application-oriented mindset. Along with the sophisticated labs, is the state-of-the-art library that hosts several international and comprehensive collections of books that can help your children broaden their knowledge in their choice of subject. Besides the educational amenities, there is a fully functional medical center that has a trained medical professional as well as all the required tools for first aid. For your child’s transport, there is a safe transport system in place that has buses that are clean, safe, and comfortable that come with a trained driver, a female attendant and a conductor and these buses also cover extensive routes.

Experiential Learning - Learning is not bound to books, and weekly tests anymore. Schools need to be challenging and push the boundaries when it comes to learning. This is why PIS pays detailed attention to experiential learning methods developed on the basis of key insights from scientific theories and models like Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Learning Theory and Dewey’s Project-Based Learning. This is why the next step we take with learning is letting them experience what helps them connect with the concepts learnt during exploration. It helps them create a knowledge bridge between the concepts that they have learnt with past knowledge to create an accurate mental map of the learning that they have acquired that helps them to create thoughts and ideas that lead them to understand the world around them.

Podar International School has a great learning environment, remedial learning that aids students cope better, and a desirable location. Using modern technology, blended classroom learning, multiple learning labs, and more, PIS is truly one of the best CBSE schools in Gujarat, offering holistic and consummate education to your child to prepare them for their future endeavors. To learn more about admissions, click here.

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