Importance of Physical Education in India

22 June 2022
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Physical education is equally important as your child’s scholastic education. If your child is not physically fit and strong, they will not be able to perform in school, concentrate and retain all the information. The benefits of physical education are plenty and they are especially beneficial for young students living in the digital age. Due to the 2 year long pandemic, children were restricted within the four walls of their home. Going to school there, sleeping there, studying there and spending leisure time there. There was little to no physical activity in these times. Plus, a growing dependence on tablets, online video games and streaming platforms makes it all the more difficult for kids to get off their couches and beds and play outside. This was exacerbated with all the closed parks and public spaces in the last 2 years.

The rising rates of obesity, heart problems and related health problems especially in the urban areas is not particularly news to anyone. An increasingly tough life with elongated work and school hours, tuitions, homework and more can get your kids naturally exhausted with no energy left for physical activity leading them to spend their free time with their eyes glued to the computer or phone. However this vicious cycle of being sedentary needs to stop as children at an young age can truly benefit from physical education. Physical education in schools can nurture a positive attitude towards staying active as children spend a lot of time in schools. Physical education not only helps keep the body fit, but it also allows children to have better mental health, inculcates a competitive spirit and more: we put the spotlight on reasons that make physical education so important and necessary.

Brain Development - Kids in their growing age are going through a lot of bodily changes. Whether it is their brain or their body, children can truly reap the benefits of physical education as being fit can help accelerate neuron activity kick starting their brain development and helping them reach their milestones at any age!

Prevention of Diseases - Keeping physically active, being in the normal weight range and lowering body fat can help your children prevent some of the diseases that are widespread now. Maintaining good physical fitness can help your child avoid heart disease and diabetes later on. Physical Education in India especially in Podar International School is making students aware of this during classes!

Mental Health - Physical Education in India can also help bring forward the conversation around mental health. The benefits of physical education are not limited to physical health but also helps maintain positive mental health in children especially adolescents. Regular physical activity can help generate more dopamine in your brain, your body’s natural ‘feel-good’ chemical that keeps your child’s mood elevated.

Team-work - Playing a sport, especially a team sport can help your child socialise and learn the importance of teamwork. In nuclear families and small size environments, children often miss out on the benefits of living in a community and working towards a common cause which fosters the feelings of team-work and unity. The benefits of physical education also helps your child socially by helping them become team players and more generous and kind to their fellow teammates.

Better Self-Esteem - The benefits of physical education have a direct impact on our self-view as it improves our self-esteem and self-confidence. When children start playing a sport or start learning a new physical activity they are upskilling themselves, making them more adept and skillful at establishing a higher and more positive outlook about themselves. When they get a ball through the net or make that neat goal, they are proud of themselves, which leads to high self-confidence.

Podar International School has state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities for your child to enjoy sports while at school, along with an esteemed faculty of educators who will surely nurture a love for sports and physical activity! To know more about their admission process, click here!

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