Importance of Planning Admission To the Best CBSE School in Katni

28 February 2023
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Education is one of the most basic requirements, and also the cornerstone of one’s career and personal development. Thus, when choosing the school for your child you want to leave no stone unturned to select the very best that there is. Enrolling your child in the best schools in Katni is undoubtedly your top priority. But do you know that for seeking school admissions in Katni, or for that matter anywhere, you need to plan much in advance?

So if you are eager to enrol your child in the best private, or international school in Katni, here is a comprehensive guide to help you draft a plan, and kickstart your journey of selecting the best school for your child.

Key Areas To Consider While Planning Admission to Schools in India

The idea of sending your little one to a big school can be overwhelming. With so many options of private schools and International school in Katni, having to select the best schools can be daunting. However, to make this process of selection easier for you, we have jotted down the key areas you must consider while planning admission to schools in India -

  • Infrastructure -
    One of the key areas you must consider while seeking school admissions in Katni is the infrastructure that a particular school has to offer. A quality school is one which offers a state-of-art infrastructure and a well-secured campus. After all, the design of the school is critical to the learning experience of the students. The school must be well-equipped with the latest technology, and advanced facilities like modern labs, well-maintained sports fields, etc, to ensure that your child’s overall development is taken care of.

  • Security -
    One of the biggest concerns parents for parents is the safety of their little one. So, when it comes to selecting schools in Katni, it is important that you, as a parent look out for schools with well-established security facilities. Apart from CCTVs, a quality school must offer well-lit rooms, guards and supervisors who keep a vigil in corridors through all areas, trained support staff who can handle young kids along with yearly refreshers.

  • Academic Reputation -
    One of the key areas to consider while seeking school admission in Katni is to look out for a good academic reputation. The school must encourage students to perform, nurture, and hone their skills. But to understand the academic reputation of the school, it is important to seek local feedback from parents, and get hands on the basic details like faculties, learning methods employed, and so on.

  • Teaching and learning practices -
    Yet another key area to focus on while seeking admission to schools in Katni is the teaching and learning practice adopted by the particular school. There are some standard phrases that most schools deploy these days such as - project-based learning, experiential learning, holistic development, etc. But as a parent, you need to dig deeper to discover if these practices are actually followed in a school. It is best to talk to parents of the kids who are already enrolled in the school, or school representatives, besides reading about the reviews online.

  • Globalized Curriculum -
    The curriculum is the deciding factor in how effectively learning is delivered to your child. Hence it is important that the school’s curriculum is in tandem with the rapidly changing world and in line with the latest developments, and trends. Thus, while looking at schools that offer CBSE or ICSE boards, choose one that has a blend of project-based learning with a globalized curriculum to achieve good learning outcomes.

Benefits of Early Planning of Admission to Schools in India

Here are some of the many benefits of planning admission to schools in India well in advance -

  • Serves as a guide to action -
    When you plan your child’s admission process in advance, it set you a roadmap of what to seek in a school while actually undertaking the admission process, and thus lead you to the right direction.

  • Helps set a budget -
    When you plan the admission process early on, you can get time to explore the different schools in Katni, and plan your budget accordingly.

Podar Education Network - Best CBSE School in Katni for your Child

Now that you are well-versed in the key areas to look out for, it is time to select the best International school in Katni - Podar Education Network. Podar International School, Katni opened its doors in the academic year 2022-2023 and has been ever-since focused on delivering quality education. With a legacy of 95 years, Podar strives to build leaders of tomorrow through holistic education.

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