Importance of Punctuality In Children

14 August 2021
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William Shakespeare famously said, “Better three hours soon than a minute late”. Thus implying that one would rather be early and wait than be late. The importance of punctuality, if taught to children at a young age, will help them in the long run. From self-confidence to better preparedness on the academic front, here are a few reasons why punctuality is important for children -

  1. Builds A More Self-Confident Child

    The importance of punctuality as a value integrates self-confidence into their character as punctual people are seen as dependable and reliable. For example, punctuality for students is seen as a good value as a punctual student represents that student’s interest in his or her schoolwork, making them a more dependable person around their peers.

  2. Punctuality Builds Successful Students

    Punctuality in school life builds the path to success in a student’s life by enabling them to plan ahead, making an efficient routine, and be prepared for their tasks. A punctual student is better equipped to deal with their day-to-day tasks than a person who leaves it for the last moment. Schools in India, like Podar International School, acknowledge the importance of punctuality in a student’s life from a young age and strives to build this habit as part of their holistic approach to education.

  3. Punctuality Build Discipline From A Young Age

    Instilling the value of punctuality can help develop your child into a more disciplined person, as they understand and appreciate the value of time. This behaves as a catalyst to make other positive changes in their life and helps to combat any form of laziness and negative behavior from a young age.

  4. Punctuality Builds Strength of Character

    A punctual child is viewed to be a child with integrity as they always show up for their tasks on time and seldom disappoint people who depend on them. Submitting their work on time or completing their assignments in due time can help their teachers and peers view them as people with integrity.

  5. Punctuality Helps Build Mutual Respect

    A punctual child is always respectful towards their education and day-to-day tasks as they see it with a level of reverence. Similarly, a punctual child is also respected by their immediate social surroundings as they are seen to have integrity and can be depended on by their fellow peers or family.

At Podar International School, our teachers make sure they instil the right values in kids from a young age.

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