Importance Of Skill Development Curriculum In School

19 April 2021
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We all know what knowledge-based learning is and spend most of our formative years doing just that. For the uninitiated, it’s learning through theory, and acquiring knowledge through books and lectures, much like what happens in school and college. So what exactly is skill-based learning and what is the importance of skill development in the school curriculum? Let’s explore in this article.

What Is Skill Development?

The formative years of a child are the most important. And these are the years they can develop skills that will help them become better and stronger individuals. All five domains of development which are mainly cognitive, physical, social, emotional and language help children become better adults, and a school curriculum that enables this is ideal for any child.

Why Is Skill-Based Learning Important?

To put it simply, skill-based learning is acquiring knowledge through practical things/ by doing things yourself. It’s more about planning and practice, and students are encouraged to think smart, logically and find new ways to strengthen the concepts they’ve learnt through knowledge-based learning. Here are some reasons why this is important and why some of the best schools in India make students practice skill-based learning.

  • To enhance creativity: In skill-based learning, students are pushed to think out of the box and innovate to find new ways to approach matters.
  • Promotes independence: In an environment that merges knowledge and skill-based learning beautifully, students tend to become independent thinkers. They’re encouraged to think higher and deeper, and solve problems on their own. When skill-based learning is introduced at a young age, such as in schools like Podar International, it fine tunes students’ minds, and they grow up to be a lot more self-assured.
  • Encourages teamwork: Collaboration is key to good output. And through skill-based learning, children are taught to think and work together as much as they’re taught to be independent. This way, they can play on each other’s strengths.
  • Makes students fast learners: When students have multiple avenues to learn through, their speed of learning and grasping automatically shoots up. Using a skill-based approach can help students grasp concepts faster and also strengthen what they already know.
  • Develops social skills: Social skill development is imperative for any child, and through skill-based learning, children learn the basics of how to be in different social environments and react appropriately.
  • Makes them better at communication: Through skill-based learning, children are taught to push the boundaries and develop their vocabulary, which in turn also makes them better orators and communicators.

Podar International School, which is considered among the best schools in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab, West Bengal and other Indian states, focuses largely on the subject of overall development of a child. Skill development is just as important a part of the curriculum in school as any other subject.

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