Important Things to Know About Student Portfolio

12 January 2022
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In this age and time when Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook have reached the heights of popularity merely to the fact that they allow individuals to share and showcase the smallest events of their lives to the world; the need to be liked and appreciated has climbed up in the hierarchy of needs and wants.

In such times isn’t it imperative that school activities give students an opportunity to showcase their work with a view to gain appreciation and at the same time reflect upon their own work and progress - someplace where the student can continuously demonstrate growth and proficiency over time?

School is the place where students spend most of their time developing academic skills and beyond. Students get ample opportunity to demonstrate their academic achievements through assessments at various stages, however very few opportunities are given to them to express their likes, dislikes, share their personality traits, discuss their career goals and spell out their dreams. These form a very important aspect of their overall growth. When we are looking at creating a generation of individuals who are open-minded, limiting their stage to only academic performance is unfair.

Citing the need to encourage students to present their work, Podar international school developed the concept of student portfolios.

A student portfolio at Podar International School is a collection of authentic student work & information. Students as young as grade I are encouraged to engage with the portfolio. They are provided with colourful leaflets which they decorate to showcase and flair up their personalized work.

These leaflets include information about the student, his surroundings, his goals, dreams, academic achievements and creative inclinations.

The pages are designed to allow students to reflect on their work as well as their behaviour and social skills. These go a long way in creating global citizens out of them.

Activities for students in schools involve discussions which often require parent intervention which strengthens the home to school connection. Students use the portfolio to start conversations with their parents such as discussing career goals as early as Std 8 or how to convert weaknesses into opportunities.

They are set on the right path where through these early interactions and engagements students develop the skill of promoting their best works to their benefit. Thus, they are up in their game to build their profile on the international spectrum - may it be for applying to universities or becoming their own brand ambassadors.

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